Hot cross…scones?

April 4, 2015

Are they still hot cross buns after they cool?

Are they still hot cross buns after they cool?

Here’s my maiden attempt at hot cross buns.

They seemed, as my mother was wont to say, to have “squatted to rise and got stuck in a squat.” They’re more scone-ish than bun-ish in shape, which could be due to either my not letting the milk cool enough after I scalded it, or my refrigerating the dough for a few hours to accommodate my time schedule.

I blame my friend Dell for this. She’s the one who queried, after the second or third post on bread, whether I was making hot cross buns for Easter. Which, of course,  set me off in search of a recipe, which I found here. I had everything I needed except for confectioner’s sugar for the icing, so, why not?

So I stirred up the dough Friday morning — one should make these critters on Good Friday, traditionally — and as mentioned, stuck it in the fridge while I went to play with grandchildren and eat lunch.

Definite plus to lunch!

Definite plus to lunch!

These curls. These eyes. How can you not be entranced with such a lunch date? Fresh bread pales by comparison.

So when I got back home, I brought the dough out of the fridge (after maybe five hours) and let it warm up a bit, then stirred in the added flour, soda and baking powder.  Kneaded in sugar, cinnamon, spices, Craisins (instead of raisins because I like them better). Made little ping-pong-ball-sized lumps of dough and set them out to rise.

They didn’t, much. They spread out. So I said heck with it and baked ’em. Let them cool, and adorned them with their white crosses, which are off-white because a little yolk got into my egg white. About half a dozen of them remain uncrossed, as I ran out of icing and wasn’t going to make more.

Verdict? Meh. Not so much. They were decent when fresh, less so this morning, reheated. But now I can say I’ve done hot cross buns. Check that one off the bucket list.

Grilled the first burger of the season last night (a cool front moved through and it was a touch chilly, but still pleasant enough to grill). Had those with potato skins and a quick salad of avocado, cherry tomatoes and bacon. Memphis guinea pig is up for the weekend, and he allowed they were quite excellent.

Tonight there are to be ribeye steaks, sous vided and then seared on the grill (more on that in a later post), and I’m also cooking for Easter. There will be ham (just went in the oven with its mustard and brown sugar glaze); deviled eggs (I think it’s the law); English pea salad, corn casserole, asparagus with Hollandaise, rolls. Maybe mac and cheese for the son-in-law, if I get ambitious. Pound cake with strawberries and whipped cream. I believe that will all be sufficiently Easterish.


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