Corned beef, two ways

March 21, 2015

Corned beef dinner. Traditional. Good.

Corned beef dinner. Traditional. Good.

Lord have mercy. It’s Saturday. To be precise, it’s Saturday of NCAA basketball second-round games,with me going into the second round at 20-12, with only three second-round games already dead due to first-round bad picks. Let’s play ball.

I’m not sure what happened to this week, other than the fact that getting real busy with work stuff and sticking to my goal of making it to the gym all five weekdays, it got busy. There has been little, if any, cooking since Tuesday, when we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with the traditional corned beef, cabbage, potatoes and carrots. And a beer or two, though the beer was Yuengling, bootlegged across the river from Memphis.

Corned beef sandwich on homemade rye. No kraut, so I used bread and butter pickles.

Corned beef sandwich on homemade rye. No kraut, so I used bread and butter pickles.

It was a fine day when Yuengling expanded its distribution territory to Tennessee, ending the days when I had to go to Alabama to bootleg it back. Good beer.

I bought a four pound or so piece of corned beef brisket at the grocery t’other day, having let the holiday slip up on me without making the preparations and attempting, yet again, to corn my own beef brisket. Per the instructions in one of my favorite food blogs, I parboiled it to leach out some of the salt. Specifically, I plunked it in a pot, covered it with water, brought it to a boil, fished it out, dumped the water, rinsed the pot, and did it again. It was just about perfect as far as toning down the saltiness of the brined beef.

Then I cut it in two pieces, a smaller one and a bigger one; the smaller one went into the rinsed-once-again pot with potatoes, carrots, an onion and some cabbage wedges to boil for a couple of hours. The bigger one got spread with mustard, dusted with cloves, and tightly wrapped in foil to bake slowly, destined for sandwiches.

Verdict: Pretty good, both of ’em. A bit more dried out than I’d prefer. I probably could have cooked a bit shorter time. The flavor wasn’t as intense as I’d want, probably because it was mass market seasoning. And the amount of meat I wound up with, given the waste and the shrinkage, would have fed only about four adults — if they weren’t real hungry.

I had dinner one night off the boiled piece, and a sandwich last night off the baked piece. I’d made what purported to be Jewish deli rye bread from a recipe I found on line. It isn’t. I like my double rye a lot better. This was dry, and crumbly. Chalk that one up to experience and move on, I guess.

What I have left is slated for corned beef hash sometime in the relatively near future. I’m seriously thinking of making latkes, and putting the chopped corned beef in them, for a hash variation. Ought to be seriously good with an over easy egg on top.

Aaaannnnddd….I need to figure what I’m going to do for dinner tonight. Must peruse the freezer. You ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em got any good ideas?

Meanwhile, given that The Dawg got me up at 6 a.m., I think I shall take a nap before the games start.



2 Responses to “Corned beef, two ways”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Wings! Gotta have wings and basketball!

  2. kayatthekeyboard Says:

    Eh. Lotta work for not much benefit. Wings are fine when someone else cooks ’em. And no one in the ‘boro cooks decent wings, at least that I’ve found. ‘Bout ready for a D’bo’s run!

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