Laissez les bon temps roulez!

February 13, 2015

king cakeDespite a gimpy stomach (ultrasound Monday to try to figure out what’s wrong), I have managed to prepare for some bon temps roulez-ing between now and Ash Wednesday.

Above would be my very first attempt at a King cake.

I don’t know yet how it tastes. But isn’t it PRETTY? I was kinda proud.

The recipe is here I pretty much followed it, although I went with some of the reviewers who said it was preferable to do a butter/sugar/cinnamon layer on top of the rolled-out cake, and then put the cream cheese filling in a single line so it will be in the center of the cake.

There’s a plastic baby pushed in there somewhere. I forgot it until after I’d glazed and sugared the doggoned thing, so I just got it stashed the best I could.

Colored my own sugar. About a quarter-cup sugar in little plastic thingies, a few drops of food coloring, and make like they’re maracas. There were a few lumps, but when I found ’em before I dusted them on, I just rubbed them between my fingers and stirred them in. When I didn’t, well, there are little glops of color.

The cake itself is not sweet; it has only a third-cup of sugar. That is negated by (1) the cinnamon and sugar layer; (2) the sweetened cream cheese filling; (3) the confectioners sugar glaze, and (4) the sanding sugar. That, all told comes to about 2 cups of sugar per cake.

Anxious to try it.

In keeping with the NOLA theme, I think we may have a shrimp boil tonight; I have shrimp in the freezer I ought to use. Then I’m contemplating red beans and rice at some point; I’ll likely soak the beans tonight and maybe make them tomorrow to warm up on Sunday. (Cuz, you know, they’re better the second time around.)

Tuesday night, any of you Jonesboro peeps who are interested, come out to St. Paul United Methodist Church and have some pancakes with us at our Shrove Tuesday pancake supper. We’ll also be having an Ash Wednesday service Wednesday night, for those who want to start their 40 days of repentance with an official seal of approval on your forehead.

Barbecue fixin's.

Barbecue fixin’s.

Elsewhere in the wider world, while I was making King cakes today (I have two more to make Monday), I also made two gallons of jail slaw, to take to the soup kitchen tomorrow, since we are serving the peeps barbecue for their Valentine’s lunch.

The aforementioned St. Paul partners with a local Episcopal church, St. Mark’s, in sponsoring the every-Saturday-noon Two Saints Kitchen, where we cook a bunch and feed whoever walks in. (Think there’s not any hunger in your ‘hood? Think again.) Usually, the meal is spaghetti; it’s cheap, it’s filling, it’s easy to make, and most everyone likes it. Occasionally, we’ll change it up. My volunteer team decided we’d do barbecue; my contribution, thanks to the Crittenden County Jail, is the slaw.

One of the more useful things I learned when I was a rookie reporter, working cop shop and hanging out at the jail — how to make jail slaw. Recipe’s on here somewhere.

Wound up the day trying to decide what to fix my gimpy stomach and Child A’s gimpy stomach for dinner; after much discussion,and cleaning the top layer off the kitchen I’d destroyed, we’ve settled on cheese pizza. Thank you,  Mark Bittman, for your pizza crust recipe.

You ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em laissez les bon temps roulez all the way up to midnight Tuesday.




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