Aloha, coffee!

May 5, 2014

Snobbery IS worth it when it comes to coffee.

Snobbery IS worth it when it comes to coffee.

I am a self-proclaimed coffee snob. I just almost won’t accept a cup of coffee at someone’s home or office, unless I’m desperate for caffiene. I loathe Starbucks. (Some restaurant coffee, generally, is relatively decent, and oddly, one place I can count on getting a reasonably decent cup is at McDonald’s.)

I grind my own beans daily. I find it next to impossible to drink coffee from conventional coffee pots; I use a French press and an electric kettle to heat the water. I order the beans from Cafe Brazil in Dallas, five pounds at a time.

Or I did. I may have changed that.

Because I have discovered Kona Cloud Coffee. One hundred percent pure Kona (that would be Hawaii, y’all) coffee, estate grown, beans shipped to Jonesboro and roasted.

Dear Sweet Baby Jesus. I thought when I first tasted Cafe Brazil coffee (at Cafe Brazil, having breakfast, and I drank six cups before I left and pinged off the walls all day. And took five pounds of it home with me) that I’d died and gone to heaven. After tasting this stuff, I may change my buying habits.

I had first read about Kona Cloud some years ago, by way of a feature story in the newspaper. A Jonesboro doctor/coffee aficionado and his wife, who was a Hawaii native, decided to buy a coffee farm. The story is on their website, which is worth browsing.. It wasn’t too long before he decided to get involved in the next step, and began roasting it back home in Jonesboro and selling it online.

Fast-forward a few years, and I had moved to Jonesboro. One morning, for whatever reason, I recalled the Kona coffee. I turned to the trusty Interwebs, Googled Kona Coffee and Jonesboro, and there I was. So I ordered a pound.

Now, because I live in Jonesboro, I get the free home delivery. I was working in my office, which looks out over the front yard, when I saw an SUV pull in the next day. I went ahead and opened the door, and there was a nice lady with my coffee. In a gift bag. With tissue.

Where ya gonna get treatment like that?

With difficulty, I waited until the next morning to try it. Ground the beans. Boiled the water, poured over the grounds. Waited four minutes, pressed the plunger, poured the coffee. Added some warmed half-and-half.

And at the risk of repeating myself: Dear Sweet Baby Jesus.

It was inexpressibly smooth. No bitter bite at all, not even a hint of one (and, btw, if you let it sit in a Thermos for a couple of hours, it still doesn’t have one). A sort of — spicy, floral, citrusy note in there (can’t decide the right word, but then, I don’t describe wine flavors well, either). Almost buttery, but it doesn’t leave you an hour later thinking you really need to go brush your teeth.

It ain’t cheap. A pound, with tax, will run you close to $30; if you don’t live in Jonesboro and have it shipped, probably a tad over $30. But if you figure that, it still winds up costing you less per cup than a venti at Starbucks.

And tastes a damn sight better.

You ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em come on by and I’ll make you a cup of coffee, so you can sample it before you order your own.





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