A hiatus from the hiatus, maybe

May 1, 2014


Not certain I’m back on a regular basis, but I’ve actually cooked some here recently, and the itch to record it is growing. Plus, there have been some noteworthy things on the food front. Plus, it’s finally, maybe, sorta-kinda getting to be spring (albeit I had the heat on last night, which may be the first time in recorded history my heat has been on in May, but when it’s 64 degrees in my house before I go to bed, I’m not playing with that stuff.

Plus, I’ve MISSED y’all. (Please feel free to chime in with how much you’ve missed me. Affirmation is a Good Thing.)

So. Assorted cookery, observations, and other stuff.

"Every girl's crazy 'bout..."

“Every girl’s crazy ’bout…”

It was Easter about a week and a half or so ago. We did not do egg hunts, and I did not do Easter baskets, but I did have the sharpest-dressed man (with thanks to ZZ Topp, because THIS girl’s sure crazy about her grandbaby) at church on Sunday morning.

And I cooked Easter dinner.

A holiday-worthy spread, it was.

A holiday-worthy spread, it was.

Nothing very out-of-the-ordinary for Easter dinner, except I took a notion and wrapped the asparagus in proscuitto and roasted it, which was quite excellent. I also bought two pounds of it for four of us adults for Easter dinner, and one of us doesn’t like asparagus. I may have perhaps overshot the mark on that. But it warmed up well.

Actually, Child C prepped the asparags, after I showed her how to snap the stalks and then wrap each spear. This would be Child C, who Does Not Cook. Much. I was kinda proud.

Along with the asparagus, we had Petit Jean Farms’ smoked ham. Good ham. All things considered, I couldn’t say I could make much difference in it and regular PJ ham. I have a fair quantity of it in the freezer, so you’ll see that some this summer. It was fully cooked, but I went ahead and put a mustard and brown sugar glaze on it and put it in the oven long enough to heat through. Sides were corn pudding and mac and cheese and deviled eggs — pretty plain vanilla ones, with mayo and mustard and pickle relish and paprika.

A deviled egg trick I learned somewhere, I disremember where. Instead of cutting your eggs in half longways, cut them crossways. Then slice a thin wafer of white off each end, and proceed as usual. The resultant egg halves will sit quietly on a plate and not slide all over Hell and half of Georgia if you do not possess a deviled egg plate, as I do not.

We also had two kinds of English peas; one with butter, and the other in a salad. That’s what you see in the center of the deviled eggs. The dressing is mayo and sour cream and horseradish and tarragon and chives and I was supposed to garnish it with sliced radishes, but I forgot.

And of course, we had Miss Mary Lloyd’s rolls, because? It Was A Holiday. And strawberries and whipped cream for dessert.

Speaking of strawberries and whipped cream….Arkansas strawberries are everywhere right now, including in the infamous strawberry shortcake at the Bulldog in Bald Knob. Yes, I have had one. Yes, it was good. Yes, I expect to have at least two more before the season ends.

Elsewhere in the culinary world, as spring fights its way here:

— Saturday is the first Farmers Market of the season. Not sure what all I’ll find, but be assured I’ll be there. Maybe there’ll be local asparagus. Most assuredly local strawberries. Probably lettuces, green onions. Maybe some greenhouse tomatoes, if anyone around here does those. I have badly missed the markets this winter.

— Also Saturday, Lord willing and the creek doesn’t rise, I plan on getting herbs, pots and potting soil, and making a new start on my herb garden. I’ve missed ’em unconscionably over the past year.  If you ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em want to play in the dirt, come over Saturday afternoon and help me plant.

— It’s time to get that gas bottle that I got filled last summer and never hooked up to the grill, hooked up to the grill. Also time to contemplate acquiring a smoker. I want to smoke some stuff this summer.

Shut up.

With that rimshot, I think I’ll call it quits, while you and y’mama ‘n ’em are still laughing.




2 Responses to “A hiatus from the hiatus, maybe”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Glad to see ya! I’m sure ya’ll will be glued to the Derby Saturday……I’m cheering for DANZA 🙂

  2. Sharon Says:

    yep missed the posts. glad to see that sharp dressed man. all food looked good but I craved the ham.

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