Feeling Teutonic

March 5, 2014

GermanFor whatever reason, cold weather always tends to make me feel like German food. I’ll go all summer and make nothing German, except maybe brats poached in beer. But let it hover around freezing or below for any period of time — as it has done all this winter — and I don’t go too many days without a nod to my Prussian heritage.

This time, it was German potato salad, red cabbage and pork chops braised in dark beer with caraway seed. Pretty yummy, if I do say so myownself. Long Strange Trippel ale to braise it in and wash it down.

I use, basically, this recipe from Nigella Lawson for the red cabbage, except I use more vinegar. I didn’t use an apple this time, essentially because I didn’t want to fool with it.

The great thing about this cabbage is that it keeps nicely in the fridge, and reheats like a dream. I’m seriously thinking about doing some wraps with the leftovers and some browned ground beef, in an egg roll wrapper. Or…h’mmm…how about if I took a package of those fresh JV farms brats, thawed them and took them out of the casings, mixed them with the cabbage, and made meatballs? H’mm. That’s sounding very possible.  With some latkes.

The German potato salad is my standby, which I’ve detailed before. Potatoes, peeled, sliced, boiled in salted water until barely tender. Dressing is bacon grease (from 3-4 strips of bacon you’ve diced, fried crisp, and reserved) with some spicy brown mustard, a splash of cider vinegar, and a bit of potato water. Caraway seed if you feel like it. Heat it all together and toss with the bacon and potatoes. Serve at room temp.

It’ll keep you ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em warm.


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