Happy candy, flowers and House Of Cards day!

February 14, 2014

I’m celebrating by sitting on the couch in my pajamas in the middle of the afternoon, eating my favorite junk food (Great Value white corn and black bean salsa, with grated cheese stirred in, and corn chips), and watching the Olympics.

Or I WAS watching the Olympics, which I just turned off because they shifted over to hockey, and I? Only halfheartedly understand hockey, and care for it less.  Now I am listening to NPR, and later today, I’ll be watching Season 2 of House of Cards, which was posted today on Netflix and is possibly one of the best Valentine’s Day presents I’ve ever received.

I have cooked, a bit, and had a couple of good meals this past week. Yesterday, in fact, I cooked a pot roast that was quite excellent, which means I will follow up with vegetable soup sometime soon. Thought about that today, but wound up roasting a butternut squash, which will get scooped out and made into butternut squash soup, because I haven’t had that in a while. And I’m going to make pimiento and cheese, because I can and it sounds good. 

But if I get really ambitious? I might make these:

Nothing says love like a chocolate covered strawberry.

Nothing says love like a chocolate covered strawberry.

Mine won’t look as good as these, because these are from Cafe 1217 in Hot Springs, and I do not attempt to match Diana Bratton in anything she performs in the kitchen. But I betcha I can make some pretty ones. And chocolate covered strawberries are as good as they are gorgeous, and maybe better, if you are not as adept at dipping them as are several of the places I know you can get these beauties today.

If they’re not sold out.

I love the little chalky Conversation Hearts (the Brach’s, only, please), and my old standby, chocolate covered cherries. But these things just say “spring is on the way” to me, and they’re, well, special.

I have dipping chocolate left over from Christmas. I may find the need to go get me some strawberries shortly.

(And then I will start haunting the stores because it will be time for Easter candy, yes it will, and there is no candy I love more than those little marshmallow eggs with the candy coating . Thankfully, Easter is the only time you can get them.)

Meanwhile, you ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em have a lovely time watching House of Cards tonight, or going out with your sweetheart, if that’s on your agenda, or staying home and watching House of Cards with your sweetheart, if that sounds good. I’m going to make my soup and my pimiento cheese and have a nice, quiet evening with Lucy.



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