Snowy weekend comfort food

December 8, 2013

Brrr. Also, slippery.

Brrr. Also, slippery.

The above would be the view out my front door shortly after noon today.

The good news: Nothing is, at present, falling.

The bad news: Roads are a sheet of ice, and it’s not projected to get above freezing until early afternoon tomorrow. And I have to be in Arkadelphia tomorrow evening. However, as it is projected to top freezing in Little Rock and points southwest today, and get all the way up to a positively balmy 44 tomorrow, I’m hoping if I head out about 11 a.m. I can get out of the frozen north without killing myself, and make it to LA without incident.

Leastways, that’s my plan.

Plans not being my strong suit this weekend, who knows what’ll happen? The PLAN was that we’d retrieve Child C on Friday afternoon and bring her to Jonesboro, where she, Child A and I would attend Mistletoe Madness at the fairgrounds and maybe finish up Christmas shopping. Then we’d get up early Saturday morning, head to Memphis, and cheer Child B on in the St. Jude Memphis Marathon. We were prepared.

Mother Nature was not amenable to our plans.

We cautiously made our way to Walnut Ridge, collected Child C, and cautiously made our way back without incident. And about 9 p.m., the marathon organizers decided they’d cancel the race.

Well. We could sleep in. And did. We could cook. And I did.

Breakfast Saturday was biscuits and gravy. I made biscuits. I cannot make milk gravy worth a diddly damn, so Child A made that.  About noon, they headed back out to Child C’s, to retrieve Amazing Grandchild 2, who with his mother is developing a Saturday evening habit of spending the night with his KayKay. (Because, you know, KayKay cooks.)

What macaroons look like when you drop 'em. Doesn't hurt the taste, though.

What macaroons look like when you drop ’em. Doesn’t hurt the taste, though.

While they were gone, I made some more chocolate oatmeal stovetop cookies for Child A, who was indignant that I had put coconut in the ones I made Friday. Well, damn. Mama’s recipe had coconut, OK? But except in specific circumstances, she does not care for coconut and was Not Happy her cookies had been polluted. So I made her a coconut free batch.  And the, because I’d promised to make coconut macaroons to hand to Child B during the marathon, and I had a taste for coconut macaroons, and had coconut, I made a batch of them.

Which I promptly dropped when the cookie sheet slipped out of my silicon-potholder-sheathed hand when I was taking it out of the oven. On the oven door and into its interior. Onto the heated element in its interior. Not a pretty sight. I rescued most of ’em after the oven cooled off and the smoke cleared.

I was of a notion for some kind of warm comfort food Saturday night. I decided a bacon barbecue meatloaf, baked beans, and potato salad, and the kids ganged up on me and wanted zucchini fritters, so I made zucchini fritters. And, in an experiment, I put some of the leftover fritter batter in the fridge, and will see if it’s possible to make more fritters with refrigerated batter. Because I know from experience the cooked version doesn’t reheat worth a damn.

No recipes nor photos, since you’ve seen ’em all before. For reference, here, here, here, and here.

Today, I had leftover potato salad and coconut macaroons for breakfast. And, before you laugh at me, they were excellent. No, I did not eat them together; I ate the macaroons first, and then the potato salad.

Life is short. Eat dessert first.

Why do we buy kids toys, anyway?

Why do we buy kids toys, anyway?

Meanwhile, Amazing Grandchild 2 has a new favorite game, namely playing with the baskets of spices and seasonings from my cabinet. Must install the cabinet latches I bought t’other day.

Tomorrow’s road trip will be a three-day event, capped off by lunch at the Little Rock Club on Wednesday and some LR meetings before I head home. Another road trip the following week, and then we’re in the home stretch to Christmas. I need to make candy and such at some point in the not-too-distant future. And finish the shopping (down to three presents, know what they all are, know where to get ’em), and get ready to host the entire Keyboard clan for the holiday.

I’ll be checking in with you ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em periodically. Stay warm, be safe, and enjoy your holidays.


3 Responses to “Snowy weekend comfort food”

  1. Toy Lady Says:

    I honestly think the world is turning upside down when we here in Rochester have better weather than the majority of the country! Stay safe (and warm) – ya’ll aren’t used to this stuff! 😉

  2. kayatthekeyboard Says:

    Oh, it’s awful. Because we’re idiots, and don’t know how to function in it. The world shuts down. I stood in my front door Friday night and tried to keep from laughing as my neighbors — apparently under the influence of…something…proceeded to hit BOTH other vehicles parked in their driveway before ever getting out in the street, when they promptly slid up in another neighbor’s yard. (Thankful I’m uphill from them!)

  3. Toy Lady Says:

    Yeah, if I can’t get out of my own driveway without hitting another car, I’m staying home. There is nothing that important out there. 🙄

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