A Thanksgivin’ dinner that couldn’t be beat

November 29, 2013

With due thanks to Arlo Guthrie. I posted that line on Facebook last night and the responses make me think that only one of my friends picked up on the reference to the iconic late 60s-early 70s anthem. Ah, well. As Dorothy Parker would have noted, “Time doth flit.”

The bird, and a most excellent one he was.

The bird, and a most excellent one he was.

It was a most excellent Thanksgiving dinner, even if we had two or three less around the table than I’d planned for. The turkey was succulent and juicy; the dressing was appropriately sage-y; the cranberry salad, for those of us who ate it, was its usual sweet-tart self; the caramelized streusel topping (with walnuts, because I was out of pecans) provided a sweet, crunchy counterpoint to the creamy sweet potato casserole; the mashed potatoes and mac and cheese were, well, mashed potatoes and mac and cheese; I didn’t eat either one.

Potatoes, two ways

Potatoes, two ways

The asparagus was past its prime at the grocery when I got it, and three or four days in the fridge didn’t improve it any. Plus, I steamed it too long and the Hollandaise was too thin. Still tasty, though. The rolls, for whatever reason, chose not to rise, but were still tasty.Wonder if my yeast is no good any more.

The lemon icebox pie was pronounced fine. I don’t think the pumpkin pie was touched. The coconut cake was excellent, and I had two pieces of it.

The squatty rolls were most excellent, toasted, with homemade apple butter, for breakfast today. This apple butter rocks, y’all. Details in a later post.

Dressing, and asparagus, and too-thin Hollandaise

Dressing, and asparagus, and too-thin Hollandaise

Some of the turkey will recycle into turkey pot pie later today. I may throw some of it into a pot of red beans and rice I plan to make next week. I’m also going to make some curry dip, which makes a marvelous mayo type spread for leftover turkey sandwiches on some of those rolls. The carcass is in the freezer pending the making of stock.

It is Black Friday and I Am Not Shopping, though I might get out and peruse Lowe’s and maybe Kohl’s a bit later today. I purchased one present, online, yesterday morning. I have two major presents remaining to get. Child A is proclaiming her intention of decorating for Christmas this weekend. Me, I got no major weekend plans except maybe to make some bacon jam, and watch a little football and a little basketball.

Oh, and getting the hot water fixed. Because we have none at this moment. It went out in between loads of dishes last night, which means that probably this second load of dishes needs to be left in the dishwasher and run again.

Hope you ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em had a most excellent Thanksgiving, and were able to spend it with friends and family you love, and that you’re surviving the melee if you ventured into the stores.

One Response to “A Thanksgivin’ dinner that couldn’t be beat”

  1. cleavelin Says:

    As Dorothy Parker would have noted, “Time doth flit.”

    “Quick, Henry, the Flit!” 🙂

    I got the reference, but I thought it too obvious to comment on.

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