Holiday countdown

November 22, 2013

The preparations for Thanksgiving have begun.

I have been to the grocery. The 12-pound, organic bird is thawing in the extra fridge in the storage room (can I just tell you I LOVE having an extra fridge?) A pot of chicken broth is cooling on the stove, preparatory to being set outside in the near-freezing temps for the evening, being that I am Not In The Notion of straining it and all that stuff tonight. A coconut cake is already on the carport cooling, that actually being for pot-luck at church Sunday and not for T’giving dinner, but I digress.

And my Big Kid took me out to dinner tonight. Blackened snapper over ginger rice. Yum.The frozen veggie soup I’d set out to thaw is back in the freezer. (And I’d even bought fontina cheese for grilled cheese sammiches to go with it.)

Tomorrow, there will be the making of a sweet potato casserole, also for church pot-luck, and a tune-up for next Thursday. Perhaps the making of cranberry salad, simply because that can be made well ahead. I would like to get the five-pound bag of apples I bought last week worked up into apple butter and canned; it has to happen sometime, so why not now? Might make a pie or two to stash in the extra fridge until the Big Day.

I have work stuff Monday, have a brunch to cook Tuesday for a couple of girlfriends, and will be cooking all day Wednesday, I expect. There’ll be six or eight of us grown folk, and one half-pint, for Thanksgiving dinner. It’ll be me, Child A, Child C, Future-Son-In-Law, and Amazing Grandchild 3, along with a good buddy of Child C who will be visiting; a co-worker of Child A whose family “thang” is not until the weekend; Child C’s future brother-in-law; and perhaps my Memphis Guinea Pig, if he parts himself from work stuff and a significant DVD collection enough to drive up here for a good meal.

We will have turkey, dressing and gravy; sweet potato casserole; corn pudding; mashed potatoes; MAYBE green bean casserole (not a big hit with most of the crowd, who are carb-lovers). I’ve tried to introduce green things, or, hell, even orange things (carrots, anyone?) only to find no one eats them. OK. It’s One Day A Year. They won’t die of scurvy on my account.

For dessert, we’ll have a pumpkin pie and a pecan pie, since those are canonical for a Southern Thanksgiving, never-you-mind I don’t generally make them. There will also be a lemon ice box pie, because I DO generally make THAT. There may also be a small coconut cake, because, well, I had frosting left over.

And there will be Miss Mary Lloyd’s rolls. Probably the whole two dozen, as there will be too many people to save back half the recipe for cinnamon rolls sometime over the weekend. They keep. If there are any TO keep.

It is yet to be determined if I hit the stores early Friday for the sales. The only thing I’ve seen so far that tempts me to do is is Macy’s (dammit, Goldsmith’s!) cashmere sweaters for $19.99, which is worth the price of admission. I’m just not sure if it’s worth the price of admission on Black Friday. Plus, I have the vast majority of my Christmas shopping done.

It’s early yet, but I’m already thinking about doing my first prime rib for Christmas. Whaddya you ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em think? I may perhaps still have country ham, but prime rib is just sounding good. Ya think?




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