The beauties of things in the freezer

November 14, 2013

It was a busy day, with lots of in-office things to catch up on, and shopping to do and errands to run.

Digression: If it’s improper to end a sentence with a preposition, is it by extension improper to end a clause with one? I worry about these things. For seconds at a time.

Anyway. I had a sickly Child A, and it’s chilly, and I had a notion for something that felt like comfort food. I recalled that I had a quart of Marcella Hazan’s (God rest her soul) tomato sauce in the freezer, as well as a package of JV Farms Italian sausage. I decided I’d cook the one, thaw the other, and have “spaghetti gravy,” except I’d have it over cheese grits. The gluten thing, y’know.

Comfort food. Warm comfort food. Warm cheesy comfort food.

Comfort food. Warm comfort food. Warm cheesy comfort food.

People. This was good.

It was the first time I’d tried JV Farms’ Italian sausage. Good stuff. Not a lot of fennel, which is sometimes overpowering in some Italian sausage I’ve had. I got the mild, and it had just about enough spice for this purpose, being that my version of the Marcella sauce is spiced more than Marcella says.

For the cheese in the grits, I had some provolone I’d bought at Sam’s, which has a surprising variety of cheese, albeit it’s in gawdawful huge quantities. It was a self-proclaimed “artisan” provolone, unsmoked, with a center of pure Wisconsin butter. I bought it because I saw provolone, and figured it was the smallest quantity of cheese they had and I had no cheese at the house. I only noticed the butter later, and thought, “huh?” But I also thought it’d go pretty nicely in grits, plus, well, butter, so I got it out tonight and grated perhaps a cup and a half. OK, perhaps two cups. For two servings of grits. I may perhaps have a cheese issue.

Those were some damn good grits. Yeah, the cheese strung a little. Not a big problem for me. And for good measure, I grated some Parmigiano to sprinkle on top. You can’t get too much cheese, right?

Honey. That was some good stuff. It was not too much cheese. It may have been the perfect amount of cheese. And JV Farms’ Italian sausage may have been a perfect mate to Marcella’s tomato sauce.

Old standby. Hard to beat.

Old standby. Hard to beat.

In other food-related goings-on today, I had an apple, summer sausage and some of the same provolone cheese (minus butter) for lunch. Been on the road so much, I’ve missed being able to put together a nice lunch at home. Also picked up a five-pound bag of apples at Sam’s (Fujis, if you care) to make some apple butter this weekend.

Damn, that was a pretty pass. (Watching Clemson and Ga. Tech. That was Clemson’s third TD.)

I’m thinking tomorrow is a twist on French onion soup, since I have the makings. I have an idea for something I want to do a bit differently….but I’ll tell you about it after I do it. Weekend stuff…There’s the apple butter, maybe some bacon jam. Got a heads up on a recipe today, got the stuff for it at the grocery, and will likely try it this weekend. And I may roast a chicken, which would leave me just one lonely bird in the freezer.

I had intended, on this trip to LA, to stop by my friendly organic farmer’s butcher shop and pick up some pork and chickens, but I didn’t make it, and I forgot the cooler, anyway. So I’ll do that next week, when I had not planned on going back down there, but I’m going to, so I’ll make that stop en route back. I need to stock up on some sausage, some chops and a roast or two, along with a couple of birds.

You ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em are welcome to come help me peel apples this weekend.


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