July 2, 2013

Well, I’m relocated, at least temporarily, to my friend Kate’s house in Paragould, in Northeastern Arkansas, where I’ll base between interviews and visits to kids over the month of July.

I relocated with only a small portion of my kitchen, but nevertheless one that takes up considerable space and effort to move. To wit:

— A big Rubbermaid tote and two other decent sized boxes full of spices and condiments.

— My French press, my coffee grinder, and five pounds of coffee.

— Two of my three Misono knives (I almost never use the nine-inch chef’s knife; the seven-inch does most of what I need, and the utility knife works for everything else. I could stand to have a serrated bread knife and a smaller serrated knife to slice tomatoes with, but I’ll get by.

— My food processor. I got to thinking how much I use it for juicing and chopping and shredding and slicing and such, and decided it was worth it to lug it.

— My big Tervis tumbler, for my morning juice-and-protein-shake breakfast, and my smaller one, for coffee.

— My big iron skillet.

I can get fairly minimalist in the kitchen when I have to. But I will be happy to get back into a kitchen of my own, wherever said kitchen might be.

Even though you ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em missed helping me pack this time, you can come help me unpack whenver I get where I’m going.



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