Spring gardening

May 11, 2013

Welcome, basil. Glad to have you here.

Welcome, basil. Glad to have you here.

Yes, it is officially spring. I have planted the basil.

Normally, I would not have waited until mid-May to plant basil, but this spring weather has been so screwy — the heater on? in MAY? — that I was afraid to do so. Everyone else out there can handle a chilly night or two, long as it’s not a hard frost, but basil — it gets much below 50, and that stuff is gone.

Surely it will not get below 50 now that it is May 11.

She said, hopefully.

I continue to be amazed at how all my alleged annual herbs, with the exception of basil, reseed themselves and come back, year after year. My tarragon has just leapt back up, as have my chives. My thyme behaves like a perennial, and may well be; same with my sage.  My bay tree is climbing taller and taller. My thyme has, in fact, very nearly choked out the oregano with which it once shared a pot.   I may need to plant myself a new pot of oregano, but I’ll wait to do that until I get moved — wherever I wind up moving.

I’m just figuring I can get a harvest or two of basil before that, being it ought to be at least a month, and possibly six weeks. And then I’ll have to figure out how I’m going to move the little darlings, which will have a great deal to do with where I’m going to go with them. Ah, well. We shall see.

Wherever I wind up, perhaps it will be somewhere with a lawn that doesn’t contain significant gravel, and perhaps I can have myself a tiny garden spot. Nothing huge — a half a dozen 4 x 4 raised beds would be marvelous — but I’d love to have some tomatoes and some asparagus and some cucumbers and a squash vine or two.

We have not cooked today at Chez Brockwell. We went to the Farmers Market this morning, and bought nothing but some Italian sausage, a fried pie, and the basil plants. We’ve been to Sam’s and the once-a-quarter or so trip to the dreaded WalMart. And since I braved WalMart — I needed rawhide chewies for the critter, potting soil, and the only groceries I needed were milk and half-and-half and Cheerios, and even WalMart has OK milk and half-and-half and Cheerios, I went ahead and got two jars of the best commercially jarred salsa in the world, i.e., the Great Value Black Bean and Corn salsa. Which I promptly got home, dumped one of the jars into a plastic thingy, and added to it four ounces of grated sharp cheddar cheese,  which is what I had for dinner. To be followed in a minute by strawberries and creme fraiche. Because I can.

I believe I shall cook tomorrow, though. Not real sure what. But I am hankering to leap off the gluten free wagon with a good breakfast that involves biscuits, bacon, eggs, and such. You ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em come on by, and I’ll cook some extra.


One Response to “Spring gardening”

  1. Toy Lady Says:

    I’m headed for the market this morning for plants – I can’t wait any more! Gonna get some tomatoes and peppers (maybe peppers) and basil, marjoram, and more parsley. The rest – tarragon , thyme, sage, chives – they’re all perennials – even here! You gotta watch that tarragon, though – it’ll try to take over. . .

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