Splurging on spring

May 5, 2013

Too much? Surely not! It's spring!

Too much? Surely not! It’s spring!

Errr. Ummm.

It may be — just MAY be, mind you — that I overdid it just a tad at the Farmer’s Market yesterday.

My refrigerator is groaning with the burden of holding all the goodies, along with yesterday’s co-op goodies, along with all the stuff I normally have in there.

I live alone. I need to keep reminding myself of that. Or invite lots of friends over for dinner.

But….but….but….I got there in time for tomatoes! Stutzmans’ hoop-house, honest-to-God vine ripened tasting, tomatoes! Two pounds is not excessive! (Really, it’s not!) And I got there in time for asparagus! Snagged two of the four bundles still there at 7:45 in the morning. Never mind I have leftover cooked asparagus in the fridge from the other night. This is fresh, local stuff!

And I bought snow peas. And new baby carrots. Red lettuce. And green onions. And beets.

Beets? I don’t even the hell LIKE beets! But then, I didn’t like turnips, either, until I roasted some, and I decided they were pretty exceptional, so I figured, for three bucks, I’ll see if beets work the same way. Maybe with a mini-meat loaf.  I must confess, though, I cut off and pitched the beet greens, which are supposed to be quite good to eat. There’s sustainable, and there’s overfilling the fridge.

So sometime this week, I’m going to roast beets and carrots and sweet potatoes (from last week’s market). Later tonight or tomorrow, I’m going to make garlic chive aioli, garlic pesto, and arugula chips. The pesto will go in the fridge, the aioli with bacon and sliced tomatoes and lettuce and a cut-up avocado (a sammich sans bread).

So it was 42 degrees when I got out this morning, and I’ve had my heat on all day until just now, because I worked up a sweat cleaning house. I’m eating from the garden — well, someone’s garden — all week. Life’s good. And I’ve got plenty — you ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em come on over!


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