Get thee behind me, used book sales!

May 2, 2013

More cookbooks. EVERYBODY needs more cookbooks, yes?

More cookbooks. EVERYBODY needs more cookbooks, yes?

I have a love-hate relationship with the Friends of the Library. Not any specific library, mind you, but with that organization in general.

Friends of the Library do marvelous things for their public libraries, which I am convinced are one of the institutions which keep us from sliding back into the Neanderthal era. (Well, that and the New York Times and Atlantic Monthly.) Without them, libraries wouldn’t be able to offer nearly the menu of services and amenities they do.

But there are those damnable book sales.

Damnable because I am congenitally incapable of not going to a book sale once I learn of it. And because I have never yet gone to a library book sale at which I did not buy something. And I am staring a move in the face, and the last time I did that, I moved 53 boxes of books. There are more books now.

Today’s haul included seven cookbooks, five books on various aspects of American history, and one on the ancient Celts. The most expensive of the bunch was $4. Most were $1 or $2.

I mean, how can I turn down Lynne Rossetto Kasper’s How To Eat Supper for two bucks? Or Emeril Lagasse? Or Paul Prudhomme?

Listening to “The Splendid Table” on WKNO, the Memphis public radio station, on Saturday mornings is one of the things that piqued my interest in cooking, or rather, in cooking beyond the scope of what I’d grown up with and done all my life. So I was thrilled to find How To Eat Supper for the grand total of $2.50 at the sale.

There’s a book of Filipino cuisine, and one of Caribbean. One on uses of different herbs. Prudhomme and Lagasse, which should round out a decent collection of Cajun/Creole books I already have. Nathalie Dupree, whom I remember from public TV when the kids were little.

I think this takes me to upward of 100 cookbooks. Some I’ve cooked one thing out of; others, I go back to again and again and again; others have offered up inspiration that served as a starting point for something I improvised. I love ’em.

I picked up a copy of Larousse Gastronomique, and decided I’d probably never use it. Ditto a two-volune work on traditional French cuisine (though, had they had Julia Child’s encyclopedia, I’d’a damn-sho’ bought that one).

The little ladies who checked me out seemed bemused by my choices. “What an interesting combination,” one murmured. The other noticed my History of Tennessee, and proffered that she was, in fact, from Tennessee, and I said I was too, and we had about decided we were kin before I counted out my 26 bucks for them.

They’re putting new books out tomorrow. You ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em don’t let me go back.


One Response to “Get thee behind me, used book sales!”

  1. jean Says:

    Kay, from one cousin (and allsortsabookslover) to another, I dearly love your blogs – ‘n you an tell ‘m all, along with they mammas
    that I said so! So thar.

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