Sloth. I recommend it.

May 1, 2013

Hello, spring. I do love me a flamingo.

Hello, spring. I do love me a flamingo.

Well. I’m still home (a Good Thing). And I could be cooking, but I haven’t been, much.

I woke up today and it was Wednesday, meaning it’s May Day, and I let April 31st slip by without going to Kroger, buying another five bucks worth of stuff to get my Kroger points, and then buying gas at 20 cents a gallon discount. Oh, well. Kiss that three bucks’ worth of savings goodbye.

I am not sure where Monday went. I did take Princess Lucy down to the vet to receive her prize spa day from winning the photo contest on Facebook. And I think — yes, I did, I did go to Sam’s. Or was that Saturday? This unemployment gig has the effect of making my days run together. Update on that score — it’s down to one of two locations, and I’ll wind up making a call sometime late this month or early next.

Have cooked very little. I did grill the rest of the Big Bayou shrimp — peeled them, marinated them in lime juice with some garlic powder and oregano, then stuck them on a grill pan on the gas grill. High heat, lid open, about three minutes on a side. I ate one, because, well, I’d decided I wanted potato salad, too, and I wound up eating two bowls of potato salad and one lonely shrimp. The rest of ’em are in a baggie in the fridge, and will get chopped up to go in some sort of a salad later this week. I think if I chopped up some avocado and made a dressing that involved cocktail sauce and sour cream or mayo, that might be quite excellent. Maybe halve some of the little grape tomatoes I got to dehydrate in the oven, which I ought to do today. I still have the plantains, getting blacker and better by the day, and I might fry those up to go with the salad.

I also have the urge for some garden fresh English peas, and I might, potentially, be able to score some of those at the Farmer’s Market this Saturday. It’ll be the first of the summer markets, and the Amish folk have hoop-house tomatoes (which I arrived at the market last Saturday too late to score).

I did at least bestir myself to cook some steel-cut oats for breafast with my fruit/protein smoothie this morning. That’s something, right?

It feels somewhat subversive to sit around and be so lazy. But then I think about the fact that the last time I took more than a full week off work, was when I birthed Child C some 24 years ago, and I only took two weeks off then. (She went back to work with me and slept in a laundry basket on my desk. Exposure to a newsroom at an early age explains a lot about that kid.) So I figure I’m entitled to be lazy for a while.

And if you ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em don’t agree…well, I hates it for ya.



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