The one-egg quiche

April 16, 2013

NOTE: I found this post when I was writing the one from last night. Since I have not blogged the salad, nor the recycled corn and potato soup from the shrimps, and since I found the photo for his one, you’re getting it.  It dates from a week or two or three ago, I don’t remember. But it was good.

It even came out of the ramekin nicely.

It even came out of the ramekin nicely.

I’m being a good girl.

I wanted to use leftovers before I left town in the morning. I wanted something light for dinner. And I thought to myself, “Self? You could use that asparagus and make you a little baby quiche.”

And that is exactly what self did.

I took one egg; maybe 1/4 or 1/3 cup of heavy cream; 1/3 cup or so of grated parmigiano, and beat all that together. Added freeze-dried basil, because, well, basil. Chopped up the remaining half-ish of the pound of asparagus I’d grilled Sunday. Added a handful of dried tomatoes. No salt or pepper, counting on the taste of the cheese  and the veggie seasoning to carry it. Sprayed a 4-inch ramekin with cooking spray, filled it up, baked it at 350 for maybe 30 minutes.

Cutest little quiche-for-one you ever saw in your life. I even took it out of the ramekin and put it in a soup bowl so I could set it in my lap. Could’ve used a touch more salt.

It was enough batter to serve as a vehicle to carry the cheese and basil, and glue the veggies together, which was all I wanted it to do. ‘Twas a fine, fine thing.

You ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em could try it with most any left-over veggie you had. Well, I’m not so sure how it’d go with purple-hulled peas or pinto beans, but, hey, you might start a trend.


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