Bits and pieces and tomato(e)s

March 24, 2013

I did wind up doing a little cooking so far this weekend. To-wit, I made homemade tomato soup yesterday, because I found a bag with three tomatos in it that needed to be used before they went south, and I’m slow-roasting a cookie sheet full of grape tomato halves today, since the ones I thought were in my fridge were, in fact, not.

No photos. You’ve seen both. The tomato soup is a rough approximation of the Sherried Tomato Soup I cribbed from the Pioneer Woman’s blog. I like it because (a) it’s good, (b) it’s easy, and (c) you can season it up however you want. I left this one with nothing but black pepper, and when I got ready to eat it, added a couple of tablespoons of grated parmigiano. It was excellent.

The Arkansas Natural Produce peeps being out of baby Roma tomatos until their new vines begin producing, probably early June, I settled for a container of Cherub grape tomatos from Sam’s. Tiny tomatos of most any variety tend to be better from the grocery than do the larger ones, which resemble a tomato only in shape and approximate color. Actually, not really in color; they don’t get anywhere close to the GOOD red that a vine-ripened tomato gets.

I’m ready for summer, and honest to God heirloom tomatos.

Point of order. I just, since WordPress keeps tomatos is spelled incorrectly, looked it up. I am wrong. The plural is in fact tomatoes. Dan Quayle obviously traumatized me with “potatoes,” which now Mr. Merriam and Mr. Webster contend is correct as well.

I’m so confused.

Anyway. NS is home for a weekend visit, and while I have fed him restaurant food for one meal and he ordered pizza for another one, I am cooking his requested hamburgers  and potato skins today. I’ll take him home late this afternoon, and I think tonight, if I’m hungry, holds okonomiyaki and sauteed sugar snap peas and maybe some fried rice. Or that may wait until tomorrow.

Looking forward to Friday. Cooking carbonnades a la flamande for a “girls night” dinner party a friend is organizing. Fun will be had. You ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em ought to come join us.



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