Mickey Mousing around

March 17, 2013

A large time was had by all.

A large time was had by all.

Mouse decor. Child B is too crafty for words.

Mouse decor. Child B is too crafty for words.

You see, there was this birthday party. Amazing Grandchild 1’s birthday party, she being the daughter of Child B, who tends to get somewhat OCD when she plans things. Which is OK, when she can call Mama to come up and help out.

Amazing Grandchild 1 is now two years old. She loves, in no particular order, her mama and daddy, her KayKay and her Grammy and her PopPop, her two shih-tzus, Layla and Goose, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

You’re watching a basketball game that’s separated by 2 points in the third overtime. She marches into the room. “Wanna watch Mouse!”

Being a benevolent and totally entranced parent or grandparent who has no compunction about spoiling the kid rotten, you switch the tv to the DVR’d “Mouse” episode that she has already watched 13 times in the past two days. (Or, you do as I learned to do, which is pull up a “Mouse” episode on Youtube on your iPad, plunk her in her high chair with it, and go back to the game, which hopefully is not yet over.)

So there was this birthday party for the little princess. And since she loves her some “Mouse,” the party, of course, had a Mickey Mouse theme (up to and including mouse ears on the party hats).

There was no gourmet cookery going on, being the beneficiaries of this party were preschoolers. Sugar cookie dough in a roll, cheese and crackers, cinnamon rolls in a can, crescent rolls, Little Smokies and crescent rolls, and a couple of containers of cut-up fruit, all purchased at the local groceries. And a crafty Child B.

For instance, there were juice boxes. Decorated with Mouse ears. About 24 boxes, 24 sets of Mouse ears. The pre-sliced cheese met up with a Mouse cookie cutter. (Little cheeses do fit nicely on Ritz crackers that way). The pigs-in-blankets were dubbed “Hot Diggity Dogs,” per the MM Clubhouse song. Child B could apparently not figure out how to put mouse ears on them.

Point of order. I was scandalized to learn the Mickey Mouse song has changed. You may remember “M-i-c—K-e-y M-o-U-s-E.” Today it is “M-i-c-k-E-y—-M-o-u-s-E.” Ain’t right. But I digress.

Those cookies. Those cookies were an issue.

First attempt was to roll the dough out , cut out with the Mouse cookie cutter, and bake. I was assigned that task and went to work, rolling out dough with a wine bottle, as Child B has no rolling pin.

Now, I am not much of a cookie baker (so it was good we were using pre-made dough). I will take a notion for those stovetop chocolate oatmeal cookies from time to time, or macaroons. But on the rare occasions I make other cookes, they’re almost exclusively drop or roll-a-lump-of-dough-in-a-ball type operations.

So I rolled the dough too thick. There are no photos of the result when the first pan came out of the oven (we were using a combo of my phone, my camera, Child B’s phone and her camera, and that one got lost somewhere. But, in Child B’s words: “Mom! They look like butts!”

They really did. It wasn’t a good thing.

Mice in the making.

Mice in the making.

So I set about rolling the dough thinner. I finally got it thin enough to get a respectable Mouse, but it was also thin enough it was almost impossible to get it off the waxed paper (she has no pastry sheet, either) and onto the pan. That was when I devised Plan B, which involves one ping-pong-ball sized lump of dough and two marble-sized lumps of dough. And lo, we produced an acceptable Mouse!

We had a few mishaps with the spacing of the lumps on the sheet, resulting in the ears not properly attaching to the head during baking, in turn resulting in some de-eared Mouses. Mice. Whatever. But that was fine, because Amazing Grandchild 1 greatly enjoyed eating the detached ears, which were Just Her Size.

The youngsters had great fun smearing icing on the cookies, and each other, and decorating them with colored sprinkles. (Child B is probably still vacuuming colored sprinkles out of the rug.) And then they all got bored and went to play with Amazing Grandchild 1’s new toys.

My personal favorite of the day was the Diggity Dogs. I know there is nothing much more blue collar trailer park than pigs in blankets, but God help me, I love ’em. Particularly when I have a good honey mustard in which to dip them. I may have eaten perhaps a dozen.

And I learned something. I had grabbed four rolls of what I thought were crescent rolls off the refrigerated shelf at grocery. Got home to discover that, while two of them were old fashioned crescent rolls, the other two were the same dough, but cut into long, rectangular strips, as if to be spread with some filling, rolled up and baked, like a cinnamon roll. I was happy to learn of them. I can imagine all sorts of tasty savory applications one could spread over them, and then serve them with some sort of aioli or mustard-based condiment. I plan to explore that soon.

One could also, if one got creative, wrap the pigs in those strips in the form of a pretzel, which would be pretty cute for party fare. I did not get creative.

In any event, everyone had a fine time, Amazing Grandchild 1 has more new toys than she knows what to do with, and it took us until damn near midnight to calm the kid down enough to get her in bed.

So, you ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em go on and grab the Little Smokies and the crescent rolls, and make you some pigs in blankets. C’mon. You know you want to.


One Response to “Mickey Mousing around”

  1. cleavelin Says:

    Point of order. I was scandalized to learn the Mickey Mouse song has changed. You may remember “M-i-c—K-e-y M-o-U-s-E.” Today it is “M-i-c-k-E-y—-M-o-u-s-E.”

    Is nothing sacred anymore? Even at Disney? (This bodes ill for The House of Mouse taking over the Star Wars franchise…)

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