One spoiled, rotten dog

February 18, 2013

You will perhaps remember my rotten little spoiled pug, Lucy Lu. Here is how spoiled she is.

Oh, yes. There was potato salad with the eggs. Because I could.

Oh, yes. There was potato salad with the eggs. Because I could.

She and I recently shared a plate of deviled eggs topped with caviar.

How it was, was like this. Lucy most always gets an egg on the weekends. Sometimes it’s over easy, if that’s how I’m doing mine; sometimes it’s scrambled. If I’m not fixing eggs but want to do one for her, I’ll beat it and put it in the microwave. Or, if I’m boiling eggs, I’ll boil her one. She is not choosy.

So, this particular day, I was boiling eggs because I needed to use the rest of my caviar, since it was open and I don’t know how long it keeps. And one of the uses I’ve seen for caviar is to top deviled eggs with it. OK, that sounds doable.

So I boiled four eggs. I figured I’d eat two, three at the most. Lucy could have one. All would be well.

And I peeled them and halved them and stirred the yolks up with mustard and mayo and a touch of seasoned salt (left the pickle out because I thought it might not go so very well with caviar). And I forgot one of them was Lucy’s, so I deviled hers, too.

And I thought, “Well, heck,” and decided I’d wait and give her hers when I was ready to eat mine, so she wouldn’t drive me nuts. So I went ahead and topped them with caviar.

All of them.

OK. This was a $12, on sale, 2-ounce jar of caviar, and I am here to tell you, 2 ounces of caviar goes a pretty good way. I’ve already had it on the earlier described new potatos, as well as on some crackers smeared with cream cheese, and there’s caviar left. So I was not overly stressed at topping the dog’s eggs with caviar as well as my own.

So Lucy and I, we sat down and had us some caviar-topped deviled eggs. And I would be willing to bet that she is the only dog in Hot Springs, Arkansas, and possibly in all of the state, who had caviar that day. Talk about your first world problems.

Anyway, now after having topped the potatos, the crackers with cream cheese, and the deviled eggs, I still have half that two-ounce jar left. You ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em want some fancy appetizers? Come on over.


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