Notes from the lost days, Part 3

October 29, 2012

Blogger’s note: this was from sometime in late August. I think. May have been September. I was also trying to use the photo uploader on the iPad, which works, except that it posts the photo directly to the blog, witness the caprese pic that showed up all by itsownself this afternoon. Oh, well. Consider it going with this.

Remember those tomatos I slow-roasted t’other day? I found yet another use for them.

I was cooking breakfast for my Memphis Guinea Pig, who was visiting. We’d been to the Farmers’ Market, and were planning on road-tripping to Little Rock that afternoon. I wanted something that could cook without attention, while I was doing other stuff. Aha, sez I. Quiche!

So I set about beating eggs and grating cheese. I had some nice sheeps milk cheese from the Mountain Pastures peeps, as well as some good quality fresh mozzarella from the Culinary District. I was peering into the fridge to see what else might go in there, and I espied a plastic thingy of roasted tomatoes.

H’mmmm, sez I. That ought to work. A quick trip out back to cut some basil, a minute to chop it up, and it was time to assemble. Tomatoes went in the bottom of the deep dish pie pan (I never bother with crusts on quiche). Slices of fresh mozzarella went on top of that. Scattered some basil about. Stirred the grated cheese into the beaten eggs and cream (5, and about 3/4 a cup, best I recall), and poured it on top. Baked it for 45 minutes or so at 350.

Sweet Baby Jesus. It was like a caprese with eggs. I used a bit of balsamic cream as a condiment, and we pronounced it excellent.

Speaking of balsamic cream….that is some pretty wonderful stuff. I have been using a handful of those tomatoes (I order a 2.5 pound clamshell from Arkansas Natural Produce every other week and roast them) about three times a week, with three slabs of mozzarella,some basil oil, and some truffle balsamic cream.

Truffle balsamic cream is one of my absolute favoritest condiments in the world. Its reduced balsamic vinegar, which you coul reduce yourself I’d you could stand tspray in the kitchen with it while it was boiling. This — it’s Cucina Viva brand — is pricy, but it only takes a little to lift a salad out of ordinary and into superb. It has that marvelous tart, acidy sweetness that’s typical of good balsamic, with an added note of richness from the concentration, and with the concentrated flavor of the roasted tomatoes, against the buttery smoothness of  the mozzarella, well….not to repeat myself, but we’re talking Sweet Baby Jesus territory here.

And again at the risk of repeating myself…you and y’mama ‘n ’em get you some of these tomatoes and do this.


One Response to “Notes from the lost days, Part 3”

  1. cleavelin Says:

    If the road-tripping we were doing that weekend was to the Clinton Library, then this was the weekend of August 25. 🙂

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