Notes from the lost days, Part I

October 26, 2012

Blogger’s note: This is the first in a series of posts, not necessarily in chronological order, which have been sitting about in some stage of near completion since about the time my life went ape-shit crazy, i.e., sometime in August.

Dear Sweet Baby Jesus. Between jet lag, catching up and the week from hell this week*, I have done little more than occasionally think about cooking, let alone writing about it.

I did cook some last weekend. We had a cool day, so I made the first pot roast and the first yeast bread of the season. And I cooked a pork tenderloin. And some banana bread for good measure. But mostly, I tried out my new babies.

*For the record, I am not real sure when this week was.

Presentssssesss. From me to me.

These came home with me from Japan.

I love them.

Lovely, sharp, shiny things, they are.

They are just astonishing.

I have a semi-decent set of knives; they’re Henckels, and I caught a $200 set on sale for 50 percent off and snagged ’em several years ago. It’s the standard block set with assorted blades, and a set of steak knives. They don’t hold an edge so very good, but they’re serviceable. Then I bought a Forschner chef’s knife, and I like it pretty well, but it doesn’t hold an edge so very well, either.

These are Misonos. I waffled between them and some Shuns. I decided these fit my hand better.

I don’t know how well they’ll hold an edge (though they ARE forged). But I can testify they have an edge that goes way beyond any edge on any knife I’ve ever had. They are a delight to cut with. I just feel very…chef-ish… when I use them.

Yes. Eggplant.

Like on this pile of eggplant.

Or this pile of onion.

Indeed. Onion.

The onion went into the pot roast, with potatos and carrots and some wine and some beef stock. The eggplants got sauteed up with some yellow squash and some onion to go on the side. It was quite an excellent dinner, particularly with a nice warm slab of  yeast bread, which I failed to photograph.

That beef roast is seeing a second incarnation as beef stew tonight. It was going to be vegetable beef soup, but I deferred to my future son-in-law, who doesn’t do veggies. Tomorrow, I’m looking at cod fillets in cheese sauce, a sort of brandade but for the fact the cod is fresh-frozen, not salt cod. I think I’ll put that over rice tortitas. I’m aiming to cook some macaroons, too, and I might pick up some baby romas to slow-roast.

It may be just weekend cookery for a while, until things settle down at work. If you and y’mama ‘n ’em could find a few extra hours in the day, I’d surely appreciate it.



3 Responses to “Notes from the lost days, Part I”

  1. Kate Says:

    Knives sound great!!! I am impressed!

  2. Sharon Says:

    I am an admitted knife nut – and at one time a good Henckel would be the end all knife – but they will not cut hot butter, as my mother always says, just shortly after a sharpening. Would love to see how those new Japanese knives perform.

  3. melissa Says:

    I agree…I have a set of Henckel knives, too, and they….suck. When I bought them I thought I was being really savvy and chefy (lol) I now know better.

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