Weather, keeping cool, working late

July 1, 2012

All the above add up to not much cooking going on at Chez Brockwell. Plus, shee-it, folks, it’s freakin’ HOT!

It is, allegedly, ONLY 93 degrees outside right now, a couple of minutes short of noon. That would be in the wake of five or six straight days of triple digits, up to and including 109 on Friday. Combine that with 16 feet x 72 inches of south-facing windows in my den and dining area, and an a/c that runs constantly and can’t get the living room/den area down below 78 degrees, and you see my problem.

I made some really good tomato-watermelon gazpacho a couple of weekends ago, and amazingly enough, it’s held up pretty well. I’ll finish that off here in a bit. And I’ve been grazing on cantaloupe and cottage cheese (farmers’ market cantaloupes are in, and Child C and I will finish off a big one in about three days). I made up a batch of simple syrup, and bought some citron vodka, and I’ve been indulging in some adult lemonade in the evenings.

Yesterday, Child C and I got up and did our running around before it got insufferably hot, then came home and napped. I did bestir myself to grill a couple of steaks and cook some butterbeans and make some potato salad last night, but that was about it. This morning, I got up determined to get some cooking done before it got so hot, and I’ve managed to do so. I have:

  • Baked two lemon icebox pies, one with meringue for a friend to take to a holiday picnic; one without meringue for us.
  • Roasted two white eggplants which will be scooped out and the flesh mixed with shrimp, crab and cheese, which will then get stuffed back in the shells to become eggplant pirogues. They’ll be for dinner one night this week.
  • Baked two dozen biscuits, which had very light tan tops and very burnt bottoms, a result of my trying to cram too many pans in the oven at once and not allowing the heat to circulate. They’re ditched, and I’ll bake more some other time.
  • Baked 14 coconut macaroons, because I got tired of looking at the bag-plus-a-little-dib of coconut left from something else, and decided to use it. I ate six of them while they were between burn-your-mouth and still-meltingly-warm, and then decided I’d probably throw up if I ate another one.

And I had leftover potato salad for breakfast, and watered my herbs and soaked Lucy down for good measure. Whereupon she promptly came back inside, hopped up on the couch and went to sleep. Plus, I found honeycomb blinds that will fit these 16 feet of south-facing windows at and ordered them, in the hopes that they will bring the afternoon temperature level in here down from enervating to merely mildly uncomfortable, and allow me to cook once more. 

Seriously. It’s too hot to do much of anything. I need to clean house today, but I’m feeling another nap coming on. It’s going to be sauteed shrimp and fresh corn tonight, with perhaps some purple hulled peas on the side. The pirogues will be for tomorrow or Tuesday. Beyond that (as there is no break in sight for this heat wave), I’m looking at lots of chopped salads and things of that nature.

Future Son-In-Law 2 does not like veggies. I reckon he’ll have to stop and get him some McDonald’s on the way home.

Meanwhile, if you and y’mama ‘n ’em are coming over, best bring some ice.



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