Brisket, redeemed (sorta)

May 28, 2012

Hash makings. Stubborn damn brisket.

Hash, completed, with a cheese biscuit and bacon jam, and a duck egg.


You will recall the disastrous brisket from the other night. Not to be defeated by the thing, I plopped it in a pot of fresh water, and set it to simmering. For about two hours. Checked it, and it was still tough. Put it away for the evening, and set it back to simmering, again in fresh water, the next morning. And finally, it got tender enough that I cut it up and used it in hash.

It wasn’t bad. It most assuredly was not worth the time, trouble, effort and frustration, not to mention expense (buffalo is PRICY, y’all!), but at least I didn’t throw it out. I diced up the brisket, which had been a little more than a pound before it was cooked; diced up four russet potatos. Put the potatos in a pan with a couple of tablespoons of canola oil, and let them brown a bit before I put the corned beef in. Let those sizzle along for a little. Then added about a quarter-cup of half-and-half, covered it, and turned the heat down to medium low to let it simmer while I tended to the biscuits.

They were the first REAL biscuits I’ve made in a good while, and I am happy to report I have not lost my touch. Though the sheep’s cheese was a little too mild; should’ve used something sharper. But it was nice to have something to roll out the bacon jam for.

Today, I did Scotch quail eggs and scrambled duck eggs for breakfast. I continue to be enthralled with Scotch quail eggs. Child C is fond of them, too.

The Memorial Day repast. Decent sides, and Stubby’s does good bird.

I will also report, for those of you who are interested, that Stubby’s does a most excellent barbecued/smoked chicken. I got three of them; we ate a little less than two, so I have chicken in the fridge for another meal.

Tonight, we’re having meatloaf and mac and cheese, with some leftover Boston baked beans. And a ricotta cheesecake. I’ll fill you in on those details later, as I need to get busy in the kitchen with prep for an early dinner, as Chief Taste Tester is leaving this evening to head back to Memphis.

Hope you ‘n y’mama ‘n ’em had a fine Memorial Day, and it wasn’t your boat that was on fire down by the Highway 7 bridge.


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