Sigh. I’m done with corning brisket.

May 26, 2012

What WERE going to be sides. Until they were an entree.

In the overall cook-vs-corned brisket, I am now 0-for-2. And not being an abject fool, I ain’t goin’ there again.

It may perhaps be because it was buffalo brisket, rather than beef. But 20 hours in the sous vide produced an inedibly tough, not to mention way too salty, brisket.


Dinner, however, was saved by the presence of fresh vegetables, courtesy of the Farmers Market, of which I attended two today. The male diners, NS and Chief Taste Tester, had pizza for their entree. Child C and I had veggies — fried squash and onions, roasted potatos and carrots, and fried green tomatos for Child C, because she loves them so. All procured this very morning at the market.

First peaches of the season at the market today.

We started out the day at the Hot Springs market, which has been bursting with veggies for the past couple of weeks. Our market’s a wonderful place; lots of artisan foods, lots of crafts, great music. Today’s music was a Russian violinist.  There were the tamales, the baked goods, the honey, the fried pies. Home-brewed root beer. Green beans have started to come in. There’s apparently a bumper crop of squash, judging from the amount out there. All manner of greens, from Laotian family’s bok choi to kale to cabbage and assorted other stuff. And lots of folks with dogs. Info booths for all sorts of community organizations.

Then it was back to the house to stow the stuff, and grab a quick breakfast (a fried pie and a tamale), and then we were headed to Mount Petit Jean, where my Mountain Pastures people were having a big holiday weekend market, complete with lunch, donkey rides for the kids, goats and sheep to pet, cheesemaking and ropemaking demonstrations, ice cream, music and square dancing. It was a long way to go to pick up my meat, cheese and milk orders, but it was a pretty drive and a nice time; nice, too, to see the operation.

Tomorrow it’s barbecued chicken, and I may swing back to the produce stand and grab some corn, because grilled corn would be good with the chicken. Some sliced tomatos, some Boston baked beans. Maybe a ricotta cheesecake for dessert.

And I’ll be sure to take a little time to think of all the soldiers in my family, past and present. Hope you and y’mama ‘n ’em do the same.

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