Just a touch of decadence

May 25, 2012

The good shit. Just sayin’.

I mean, you don’t have surf-n-turf every night.

I have my Memphis Guinea Pig and Chief Taste Tester here visiting for the holiday weekend, so I rolled the good stuff out tonight. Sous vide strip steaks, grilled lobster tails, roasted new potatos with truffle oil, and capreses with buffalo mozzarella.

He may never go home.

I do have to admit it was pretty freakin’ awesome.

It was a Mountain Pastures (formerly Petit Jean Farms) strip steak, sous vided for about three hours and then charred on the grill; a couple of lobster tails also charred on the grill and dredged in melted butter; capreses with buffalo mozzarella. New potatos roasted with a bit of truffle oil.  It was freaking excellent.

Oh,and then there was dessert. Again, just sayin’.

It’s gonna be a foodie weekend. Farmers’ Market tomorrow. Then road-tripping to the Big Red Barn big ol’ market, up on Petit Jean mountain. Then back here to salvage the corned buffalo brisket from the sous vide. Then a fine, fine breakfast (potentially corned buffalo hash), and barbecued chicken  and potentially corn on the cob. And then we will see from that point. But I have my guinea-pig taster here,so I won’t be testifying to what I might try this weekend.

You and y’mama ‘n ’em have a fine, fine weekend. I will be drinking my way throught mine. Just sayin’.


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