Time-warp week

May 19, 2012


Worth waiting a week for.

By my calculation, this week has been approximately 17 days long.

And I think it’s been at least eight days since I came back from Atlanta this past Wednesday. The 20-hour day on Thursday might have had something to do with that.

Don’t ever take a 6:05 a.m. flight out of Atlanta. Because those SOBs at Hartsfield do not start selling coffee until 6 a.m., at which time you are in your seat, phone turned off, pushing back from the gate. Never again.

It took me two double-shot lattes in Houston before I got over that.

Between last Saturday night’s meal and this Saturday morning’s meal, I have eaten one meal at home: it consisted of this.

OK, no points for presentation. Do I look like I give a rat?

That would be blueberries and creme fraiche, which I think were Thursday night, for dessert after the cheese dip and chips. (Pancho’s cheese dip is a fine thing when you don’t want to cook. Just sayin’.)

So I made up for it this morning, with the above breakfast, at which Child C turned up her nose before tasting it and pronouncing it “the best breakfast I ever ate.” I thought that might have been a bit overboard; I’ve done good breakfasts before. But this one was pretty doggoned good, if I do say so myownself.

Yum. Do this thing. I’m just sayin’.

I had saved some leftover rice in a baggie in the fridge. I had happened on bags of the little cooked salad shrimp for a buck a bag for, oh, maybe four ounces, at Kroger a few weeks ago, and bought four of ’em. So I whipped up some shrimp fried rice, cutting back on the seasoning for the sake of Child C’s pregnant sensibilities, which include a significant aversion to anything spicy because she has unGodly heartburn. Topped it with a sunnyside up duck egg, trimmed of a good bit of its white. That and a hefty mug of French press coffee hit the spot.

The rice was a stripped-down version of the Mark Bittman fried rice, which was the recipe that convinced me he was my culinary hero. I sauteed some garlic, some ginger and some green onion in my big skillet; I wasn’t making enough to drag out the wok. Added the rice, and stirred to get it all coated with oil. Added some sesame oil, some rice vinegar and some light soy sauce. Stirred that all in. Added the little bag of frozen shrimps, and let the whole thing cook until it was hot, then set it aside under a lid to stay that way while I cooked eggs.

And then I took Child C shopping to get some more maternity clothes, because she was bursting out of what she had. I believe this kid is going to be born wearing a size 3 and shaving.

As most of today was out and about, I will be cooking tomorrow. I have a pork shoulder roast sitting in the fridge, coated in Rendezvous dry rub; it’ll go on the grill. I also have a small piece of buffalo brisket that I think I’m going to corn in some brine and spices, to go in the SV later this week. With the pork, instead of the traditional beans and potato salad (though I do have some leftover beans in the fridge I might heat up), I think I’m going to roast some carrots and new potatos on the grill with the pork.  And make a big bowl of jail slaw with the head of cabbage that has been reposing on my counter for two weeks.

But right now, I’m just gonna chill. And thank the Good Lord that next week and the next are both four-day weeks (as I am taking a day of vacay next Friday). So you and y’mama ‘n ’em don’t coming looking for me to do any work-related stuff, OK?


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