Salad days

April 22, 2012

Combine Mennonite tomatos, buffalo mozzarella and the annual Lobster Boil, and you wind up with a couple of good salads for weekend brunches.

The caprese. Simplicity itself. And mighty tasty.

It’s hard to beat the standard caprese, particularly when you have good buffalo mozz and greenhouse-grown tomatos. My basil plant isn’t established enough that I felt comfortable snipping leaves, so I sufficed with basil oil and the freeze-dried stuff.

I’m astounded at how much better buffalo mozzarella is than the supermarket stuff. It still does not touch the fresh stuff I had at the store in the Italian Market in Philly, but it was pretty wonderful. I had stopped by the Culinary District to look for a top to my blender — new damn blender, and I somehow lost the little glass insert that goes in the plastic lid when I moved. They didn’t have one, but they had buffalo mozz, which they have not had since the end of tomato season last year, and I snarfed it up.

It was delectable. The simplicity lets the tomatoey taste shine through.


Caprese + lobster. What's not to love?

It was good enough, in fact, that I repeated it today, with the addition of some lobster meat I’d extracted from the two I brought home from the Blues Society lobsterfest yesterday. (As an aside, that’s a helluva lot of work for not much meat, but damn, it’s good; the remainder is chilling in the fridge in anticipation of going in a mornay sauce later this week.) I thought about hollandaise, or garlic aioli, but wound up with sriracha mayo and sweet chili sauce; it was most excellent.

Elsewhere in the kitchen today, I’ve made chicken stock, because I had a roast chicken I’d cooked earlier this week and put in the fridge whole, because I got sidetracked. Today, I made chicken enchiladas for the kids for tomorrow night, as I will be in beautiful downtown Chicago. And I cooked the best yet sous vide animal protein — material for another post. I was gonna make banana bread, but I ran out of time. I may do so yet, given that I have bananas that are about to be past their prime. And I was going to make green garlic pesto, which I did not do, and can only hope the green garlic will hold on for another few days until I get back.

Aaaannnnddd, the dryer has buzzed. So I’m off to swap and fold laundry. Sigh. You and y’mama ‘n ’em have the rest of this house unpacked and straightened for me by the time I get back Tuesday night, OK?


2 Responses to “Salad days”

  1. Toy Lady Says:

    You’re killing me with all these tomatoes! I haven’t even put plants in the ground yet!
    I won’t see fresh greenhouse tomatoes for another month or so.

  2. kayatthekeyboard Says:

    The Mennonite greenhouse-tomato-growers are a WONDERFUL thing.

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