Heeeeerrreee’s the kitchen

April 15, 2012

I am in love. I may not have found everything yet — my kitchen shears would be one good example — but today was the day I finally got the kitchen organized, and I celebrated by doing some significant cooking in it.

And there's Herb the Flamingo, gracing the table.

And it is a joy. My back and hip are killing me because I’ve been on my feet all day after being on my feet a fair part of the day before that, but I’ll deal with it. Because, well, the kitchen.

I may well walk myself half to death cooking in this thing; I’m so used to just turning and reaching that I don’t think to get everything I need on one trip. It’s six or seven steps from the stove to the fridge; two steps would get you from any point in the old kitchen to any other point.

But when I got it arranged finally all (ok, mostly all) unpacked today, I had to celebrate with serious cookery. So I made Scotch eggs with quail eggs (a subject for a later post this week), and a barbecue bacon meat loaf, and mac and cheese, and meatballs, and fresh sugar snap peas, and capped some strawberries, and…and…and…

It is just entirely wonderful to have two or three things going in various stages of preparation and be able to work on all of them semi-simultaneously and not have to move (a) to get to (b) or stack (c) on top of something else.

I can even keep a couple of major appliances — Miz Scarlett and the new Cuisinart blender — out on the counter. There’s a whole cabinet dedicated to just small electrical appliances. Some baking pans are still stacked, but at least it’s not a jigsaw puzzle as to how they fit with each other in a limited space.

It's a bit of a squeeze between shelves and the washer and dryer.

I’m not as happy as I thought I’d be with the pantry, mostly because it’s awfully tight quarters in there. But I’ve semi-organized stuff, up to and including my 24 cans of tomatos, and I can almost find everything pretty quickly, except the syrup for NS’s pancakes this morning, because, as it turned out, I had not yet unpacked it, so he had Nutella on his pancakes, and pronounced them good.

The other shelf unit in the pantry. Multiplying tomatos are behind the lower right door.

This Lazy Susan is an excellent thing for spices and condiments, although this does not NEARLY represent all of my spices and condiments. I’ve yet to determine how I can organize those so I can find what I want without going through every container in the house. That may be another Saturday or Sunday project, to get evereything out and organize it.

Probably more stuff than anybody ought to have.

For now, though, I’m quite pleased with myself and my kitchen. You and y’mama ‘n ’em come on over and I’ll cook for you.


2 Responses to “Heeeeerrreee’s the kitchen”

  1. cleavelin Says:

    I’m afraid from here on out you can’t ask me to find any spices/condiments when I visit. Unless you don’t need them until just before I have to leave. 😉

  2. melissa Says:

    I love it!

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