No cookin’ tonight….

February 18, 2012

…in my kitchen.

I’ve been busy as all hell all day, with a trip to the Farmers’ Market, then a dash home, put on some makeup (on a Saturday? Seriously?), dish the potato salad I made this morning up in a nice serving bowl, off to a luncheon I was semi-hosting, serve, clean, head out, go to grocery, take kid to get a haircut, go to Walgreens, then back home. Cook said kid dinner (Kroger vac-packed thin-sliced steak is good, browned, with provolone, on a Kaiser roll), and pass on dinner, and now watching Arkansas do just really badly against Florida.

It’s a Saturday.

Lunch was wonderful. I’m on the board of the local Sister City foundation, and our sister city is Hanamaki, Japan. We are fortunate enough to have several Japanese folk living in our area who are kind enough to serve as interpreters when we have visitors, so we wanted to thank them with a luncheon and a small gift. So, it being Mardi Gras time, we did gumbo and potato salad and King Cake, and it was wonderful.

I made the potato salad, German, because that way I didn’t have to worry about it sitting out and inflicting all those lovely Japanese ladies with food poisoning. Someone else made the gumbo and the side salad, and the local Most Excellent Bakery made the King Cake. I think, all in all, the event was a great success. Not least because — y’all? — that house? Oh, dear God. I would kill for that kitchen, let alone the rest of that house. It was gorgeous. I am all green with envy.

So. I have not cooked. So tomorrow is cooking. I need to make ricotta. I need to make ricotta cheesecake to use the ricotta I made last week. I need to clean out the fridge. I need to try out my sous vide circulator. I need to do lots of stuff, only some of which I will get done.

But we’ll enjoy what we do get done. You and y’mama ‘n ’em come on and throw in your two cents. It’s gonna be catch-as-catch-can Sunday.



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