Slow DOWN, dammit!

February 17, 2012

Sweet potato and pulled pork hash. Quick. Easy. Good.

That exhortation would be to the world at large. Because either it’s speeded up, requiring me to accomplish more in a smaller amount of time, or I am Getting Old and can’t keep up. I prefer to think it is not the latter.

For the past three weeks, things have been falling out of the sky and landing on my desk. I have gotten good at desktop triage — do this now; this can wait; shuffle this one off to someone else; ignore this one; oh, shit, this was supposed to have been done three days ago! I am down, I think, to only two or three things that should have been done three days ago, three or four things that have to be done this weekend, and three or four that must be done first thing Monday morning. And I have sadly ignored my few faithful readers out there.

Sorry ’bout that, folks.

Nevertheless, I have cooked. A little. I just haven’t written about it, because, if you will recall, I was busy working on work projects LAST weekend, and I ‘ve had evening stuff some this week.

I did manage to make Coq au Vin one night (to be reserved for a separate post that I’ll put up sometime this week) sweet potato and pulled pork hash (pictured above), shrimp and grits — no, wait, that was week before last. And there was another try at gluten-free bread, yet again somewhat unsatisfactory, in large part because I left it in the oven too long.

The new piggie pan, with muffin rings for the extra batter.

But I did get to use my cute little pan I got for the express purpose of pigs-in-blankets, and it’s going to be perfect for same. It was also my first try at baking in silicone, and I’m quite pleased with it — except for leaving it in the oven too long, thus you do not have a pic of the finished product, because they didn’t look so very good.

My major problem with gluten-free baking, I’ve determined, is that while the yeast breads I’ve made taste OK the first day, they don’t really hold well. I’m going to fall back and try some quick breads this weekend, as they seem to do better. And I may try my hand at some crackers.

The sweet potato and barbecue hash was excellent; wish I’d thought to fry an egg to put over it. Also, I had only one lonely sweet potato, so I added an acorn squash that had been reposing on my countertop for a month. It made a good addition. I got the barbecue at Smokin’ in Style, my favorite among our ‘cue places now that Purity has shut down, plus I love their No. 5 sauce. You got to love a place with five different sauces. I cubed the sweet potato and the squash, fried them until they were brown and tender, then added the shredded meat and let it get good and hot and crispy in places. Drizzled it with No. 5, and there was a fine dinner that took all of about 30 minutes. A pound of pulled pork from your local barbecue joint is just about as versatile as a rotissiere chicken from the supermarket.

This weekend, I’m taking NS out to dinner here in a bit, and then coming home to make potato salad for a luncheon tomorrow. I may also make that ricotta cheesecake that I’ve been planning to make for two weekends, while the ricotta is still good, and get ready for a fresh round of cheese and kefir making tomorrow. And I’m also going to branch off into a Brand New Adventure because? My sous vide immersion circulator came in today, and I get to play with cooking in a beer cooler tomorrow or Sunday.


One Response to “Slow DOWN, dammit!”

  1. Jason Stark Says:

    Don’t you just hate it when the paying things get in the way of your artistic expression things. Do you ever wonder that if we were paid for doing what we were passionate about… that we would long for the drudgery of the other?

    COOK ON!

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