Good bargain, bad blogger

February 11, 2012

I am not a good food blogger.

I roasted a chicken and made tomato confit today, and forgot to take any photos except for the in-between photo of chicken:

Chopped chicken. It's your friend. It's good for many meals.

Roast chicken is a wonderful thing. I grabbed a five-pound broiler from Kroger, got him home, rinsed him off, stuffed him with a half-stick of butter and a sizeable sprig of rosemary, rubbed him down with olive oil and sprinkled him with salt and pepper. Into the oven he went, at varying temperatures (chicken is forgiving. and I was roasting tomatos in bacon fat, too) for however long it took (maybe 90 minutes?) to get to 180 degrees in his thigh.

I love a meat thermometer. Don’t know how I cooked before I had one.

So, said five-pound chicken yielded 1 2/3 pounds of boneless chicken, and I didn’t pick it all that closely. I probably could’ve gotten to two pounds had I really worked at it. Lucy Lu got the (raw) liver and gizzard, and was thrilled. The carcass went into a stockpot with onion and garlic and a carrot, and the resultant stock is currently reducing on the stove and will be frozen. The majority of the chicken went into enchiladas (eight for tonight, eight more in two foil tins in the freezer), and the rest is in a plastic bag in the fridge for use tomorrow. So I at least feel somewhat virtuous.

New toys!

I also fee quite proud of myself, because I scored a hellacious deal on a Cuisinart Power-Edge 700-watt blender, at Big Lots, where they allege they are having a Cuisinart closeout.

I wanted a new blender. The one I have, albeit it still works, was a wedding present. In 1978. It’s kinda anemic, and has begun to smell like hot plastic when it runs. So, on my occasional Big Lots run (I had to go to the phone store, so it was on the way), I checked to see what they had.

They had the Cuisinart. For $49.99. Which, I thought, was a decent price, so I bought it, then came home and checked the website to see that it’s a $119.99 blender. Which makes me like it even more.

It’s reposing with my new FoodSaver vacuum sealer. The kids got me a Seal-A-Meal several Christmases back, but it quit pulling a vacuum and eventually quit sealing, so I chunked it. And sprung for a FoodSaver, because? I am about to take the plunge into sous vide cooking. Which is material for a future post, when I get my SideKIC immersion circulator and begin to learn how to cook in a beer cooler.

So. Did my usual Saturday run of Farmers’ Market (sheeps milk, cows milk, beef, cheese) and the grocery, in addition to the aforementioned Big Lots and phone store. (The trouble with smart phones is they are smarter than I am, thus I have to take them to the phone store for people to fix stuff when they jump goofy, as mine had.) Then the liquor store, because I was Out of Wine, and that just Will Not Do, particularly when tomorrow is Sunday and they’re calling for “wintry mix” on Monday. Then home to roast a chicken and make chicken enchiladas for NS (whom I guess I ought to rename Child E, as he is no longer New, and Child D is my “adopted” kid up in East Tennessee, aka Red Headed Stepchild), and roast some of my surfeit of Mennonite tomatos and make tomato confit, of which I forgot to take pictures.

I’m not sure what one does with tomato confit, but roasting tomatos with bacon on top of them can’t be a bad thing. I’ll figure out how to use it later. And for future CSA reference, I cannot eat two pounds of tomatos a week by my ownself. Note to self: Get the smaller share next year.

Tomorrow: My inaugural run at fresh mozzerella. A big ol’ pot of red beans and rice for a pot-luck. Sweet potato and pulled pork hash. An attempt at gluten-free sandwich bread. Pigs in blankets, for breakfasts next week. And whatever else comes to mind that takes little tending-to, as I have completed 1.75 of four work projects I brought home this weekend.

You and y’mama ‘n ’em have a good Sunday, and be sure to stock up on bread and milk and eggs in case the “wintry mix” sticks to the roads.


One Response to “Good bargain, bad blogger”

  1. Toy Lady Says:

    very nice deals. Husband got the meat grinder at Big Lots and loves the daylights out of it. Best $40 he ever spent. 🙂

    Our “wintry mix” looks to be about 8 inches deep right now . . . and still coming down.

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