February 7, 2012

And they taste good, too!

As Child C used to call ’em. Actually, she called any citrus fruit an orinch, except for grapefruit, which we didn’t have much because no one really cares about it at my house.

Specifically, mandarin oranges, also known as tangerines. Which I didn’t know until I just looked it up; that they are the same, I mean, thought I suspected it when I discovered how easy the little critters were to peel. I’d just never had a “mandarin orange,” vs. a “tangerine” that did not come out of a can and go into fruit salad.

Anway. These are powerfully sweek, powerfully orange-y, and NS and I were standing in the kitchen eating one when he said, “So, what can you make with these?”

“Well, pork and fish and chicken all go well with citrus,” I replied.

“Why don’t you try something with them tonight?”

Huh. Seriously? The kid who looks suspiciously at anything that is not burgers, roast beef, mac and cheese and mashed potatos?

So, yeah, you betcha, I’ll do something with them. Michelle at Thursday Night Smackdown had done this week some scallops in a sauce made with Meyer lemon segments and orange juice. I decided to reverse the trend.

I fried a couple of thin pork chops, just three minutes on one side, three on ‘tother, and onto  plate covered with foil to go in a warm oven. Minced a very small yellow onion, threw that in the same pan to caramelize. Added the whole segments from the tangerines. Simmered that until the sections were starting to caramelize as well.Added a shot of sherry and a shot of lemon juice. Let it simmer just a few, and added a tablespoon of butter. The sauce creamed up marvelously, and I fetched the pork chops from the plate, stuck them back in the skillet, and added the reserved juices, then covered the skillet to keep it warm.

Nice. Very nice.

I had it with potato salad, because I was in the notion for potato salad, and steamed edamame, because I was in the notion for edamame, and sliced tomatos, because I am never NOT in the mood for good sliced Mennonite tomatos in the middle of winter, and besides, they made the plate look pretty.

It did not ascend to Sweet Baby Jesus territory, but it was pretty good.  You and y’mama ‘n ’em try it if you’ve got tangerines lying around.

4 Responses to “Orinches!”

  1. Whitney Reynolds Says:

    Cuties? Cause Jay is SERIOUSLY addicted….

  2. Toy Lady Says:

    I’ve never been a huge fan of tangerines – lately, though, I’ve been on a kick with Minneolas – evidently a cross between tangerines and grapefruits. Not quite as sweet as tangerines, and almost as juicy as a good grapefruit. And I think they’re in season for about a week and a half. . .

  3. Len Cleavelin Says:

    Huh. Seriously? The kid who looks suspiciously at anything that is not burgers, roast beef, mac and cheese and mashed potatos?



    More seriously, I got on a clementine kick a couple years ago, and December-February is definitely easier to live through with them now.

  4. Jason Stark Says:

    I NEVER cook with fruit… but this sounds so simple, I might just give it a shot. My JuJu is of the opinion that bacon and ribs are the only portions of piggy worthy of her plate. She is also addicted to clementines, so this may work.

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