February 5, 2012

I shouldn’t be hibernating this weekend; it’s gorgeous out, sunny and mild, and cries for me to be out enjoying it. But in the wake of the Week From Hell, with stuff falling out of the sky and landing on my desk, shrieking, “Do this! Fix This! Go to that meeting!,” I have decided to be a recluse.

A cooking recluse, yes, but a recluse, nevertheless. Not that I cooked all that much yesterday, in the wake of a workday that extended well into the evening Friday, a business dinner, and way too much wine. Eeek. I’m too old for that.


I do love my Sunday morning breakfasts. They set a good tone for the day.


So I decided to start today off with some serious cookery, i.e., a Big Damn Breakfast of bacon, an over-easy egg fried in butter and truffle oil atop a gluten-free masa harina waffle, with some sliced Mennonite tomatos.

NS had requested a waffle, and I thought about making myself a GF one from the Bobs Red Mill mix, but I didn’t feel sweet. I felt savory. So I thought to myself, “Self? If you did cornbread batter in the waffle maker, it’d be almost like grits to put that egg on top of.” And in fact, it was. Would’ve been better if I’d used a combo of coarse-ground meal and masa, I think, but it was pretty good.

And since I’d been watching Lucy watching me hungrily, thusly:

Pitiful pooch.

while I’d been making the kid’s waffles and then frying bacon, I decided to give her a treat as well. I fried an extra strip of bacon and an egg, poured a dab of bacon grease over her Science Diet, crumbled her bacon and sliced her up an egg. How many of your dogs got eggs fried in truffle oil and bacon this morning?

Gourmet breakfast fit for a Pug Princess.

She is a happy puppy. Also sound asleep with her head on my leg as I type.

On the agenda today: A “different” meat loaf, for Super Bowl munching, along with some lamb merguez and some kind of sweet something involving ricotta cheese and mandarin oranges, as I bought mandarins at the Farmers’ Market (no, they weren’t local) and also made ricotta from fresh cow’s milk yesterday. I used rice vinegar as the coagulant, and it was pretty doggoned good.

I’m also going to make some congaretta cheese, sort of a mozzarella-ish cheese that uses kefir, and some labneh also made from kefir. This is my first experience with kefir, which is a culture similar to a yogurt culture that you add to milk and let ferment at room temperature for a day or so. I will report.


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