Gluten oops

January 31, 2012

Monday. Lunch at a little meat and three that’s beEn a favorite for ages. Order meatloaf, candied yams, cucumber salad. Eighty percent certain meat loaf had breadcrumbs, and cornbread had flour. Ate ’em anyway. Yep. They had flour.

Today. Called in an order for take-and-bake pizza from Papa Murphy’s. Stuffed, extra pepperoni, extra cheese. They have a special, order one stuffed, get a HawaIran for $8. I love Hawaiian pizza. Ok, give me one of those, too. Twenty minutes. OK. “click”

Ninety seconds later, lightbulb clicks on. Idiot. You can’t eat pizza. Call back. Cancel Hawaiian, keep the stuffed. Go early to pick up, go to deli next door, get a Cobb salad. Get home. Salad has croutons. Pick croutons off. Croutons have crumbled. Salad sucks, anyway. Feed chicken and bacon to dog,  pitch remainder. Eat pineapple and cottage cheese, drink wine. Grouse about it.

Celiac disease sucks. You and y’mama’n’em try to stay away from it.


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