Versatility, thy name is chicken

January 20, 2012

Consider the supermarket rotisserie chicken. Resplendently golden brown in his hermetically sealed plastic carry bag, he basks beneath the heat lamp awaiting the busy meal-provider who is looking with varying degrees of desperation for something s/he can put on the table in relatively short order after the day from hell which really leaves him/her wondering how much protein and vegetable matter they must provide the fam before they can legitimately forego dinner in favor of a good stiff drink.

At this point, the supermarketa rotisserie chicken is your Very Best Friend. Because you can do any number of things with the  flesh of that bird, particularly if you are, as I am, getting ready to leave the youngsters  to their own devices for three or four days.

In this instance, said bird became the makings for a dozen chicken enchiladas and a chicken pot pie, which will standbetween the  heathens and starvation while I am in Florida eating Cuban food.

Here’s how you prepare for four days out of town when you’re me. You stop by the grocery and pick up a chicken and a bag of frozen mixed veggies. You already have pie crusts and cream of chicken soup at home. You shred up a leg quarter and about half of one breast to make a cup or so of chicken, mix it with the soup and the veg and the cheese, dump it in a pie crust and top it with another one. Wrap that in foil, stash it in the fridge,and there’s one meal.

Then you can shred the rest of it and wrap it up in tortillas with diced green chiles and cheese, cover it with Las Palmas enchilada sauce,  then sprinkle that with more cheese, and you’ve got another dinner. Then you lay out two pounds of ground beef to thaw, so you can make chili at oh-early-thirty in the morning, and with a Stauffer’s lasagna, voila, the urchins are fed for the duration.

They are on their freakin’ own for breakfast and lunch. Somehow, I do not believe they will starve.

Meanwhile, I will be enjoying some lechon asado and some picadillo and some plantains in Orlando. You and y’mama ‘n ’em check in on the kids while I’m gone, ok?


One Response to “Versatility, thy name is chicken”

  1. Kath the Cook Says:

    HI Kay – sent this a couple of days ago – Orlando not known for Cuban food

    January 19, 2012 at 5:30 pm
    Hi Kay – remember seeing that you are headed to Orlando for a conference or such. This link will help you score good meals,0,3249601.htmlpage

    I live in Brevard County (on the coast straight east from Orlando). Hope you have a great visit – regards – Kath the Cook

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