This gluten-free thing…

January 5, 2012

…is seriously weird.

I have been off gluten for a full week today, excepting the one “oops” when I bit into what I thought was a peanut M&M only to find out it was a pretzel one.

So I’ve had a quarter-inch of pretzel worth of gluten. If that kills me, well, I just die, I guess. We all will, if we live long enough.

I guess my system is adjusting. You’d think, sans gluten, that I’d be hungry, looking for things to make up for the missing carbs. ‘Tain’t so. The only evening I’ve come home hungry was yesterday, when circumstances conspired to make me miss lunch, and I grabbed a praline on an empty stomach, and that made me thoroughly queasy, so I wound up not eating anything anyway.

Without going into too much graphic and not-entirely-pleasant detail, I guess my digestive system is adjusting. Lord knows, I should certainly lose weight. F’rinstance, today, I had a half of my last gluten-free roll, which was stale enough it did not resurrect well in the toaster oven, which was why I just had half of it; some yogurt and some granola, and that was breakfast. Lunch was a chicken breast and some fruit in a salad when we got to the Embassy Suites, our fave spot for a working lunch, only to find that those dirty dogs had done away with our favorite Cobb salad (and they did used to make a FINE Cobb salad, let me hasten to add). The chicken breast/apple/orange/strawberry thing is a sad attempt at substitution. I had a praline or two along during the day (from the Christmas/New Year’s goodies I took to work). And I made butternut squash soup for dinner, for which I have absolutely no desire, so I guess I’ll put it in the fridge and look at it for a day or two.

I’m mildly hungry now, but I don’t want much. The only evening meal I’ve eaten all week was Tuesday, when I came in in the notion for potato salad, and made myself a big bowl of it, and that was supper. (I do love me some potato salad.)

On the flip side, other than this godforsaken cold which has now moved into my chest, leaving me barking worse than Lucy, I feel better than I have in a while. I have more energy, and seemingly more muscle strength than I had. I’ll be interested to go to the doctor in a month or so and get some comparison bloodwork done to see how much different my profile looks.

Gluten. Who’d’a thunk it? Nobody knew anything about gluten intolerance until maybe, what, the last dozen years? Is it something that just evolved, or did significant numbers of people suffer from it for years and just not know what it was?

As I find myself consciously eating more natural foods, local foods, fresh foods that aren’t soaked in preservatives and inoculated with chemicals of one sort or another, I begin to wonder what all the “better living through chemistry” that my generation was really the first to experience has wound up doing to us. Is it signficant that there seems to be much more cancer among my contemporaries than among my parents’ contemporaries? Did every third kid with whom I went to elementary school have ADD or ADHD, as seemed to be the case with my girls’ generation, and we just didn’t know what it was and labeled them “bad kids”? Celiac disease? Lactose intolerance? Say wha’?

When I think about it, when I was a kid, about the only things I ate that were processed foods were breakfast cereals (to some extent); sandwich bread (not a lot; I wasn’t a big sandwich eater); chicken and eggs; milk and dairy; and whatever junk food I could talk Mama into buying. We raised our beef and our fruit and vegetables, our pork for a while, and after that we bought a whole pig from a neighbor who raised them. We didn’t have chickens because Daddy hated chickens, and I’m not sure why we didn’t have a milk cow, but we didn’t. There was not a fast food restaurant in my home town until I was out of high school (the Dairy Queen and Tastee Freeze were more like local diners than fast-food).

I have done my share of eye-rolling at the “natural foods” thing. I have also shrugged off vegeterian and vegan diets and the skepticism toward red meat (I do love me a piece of good, rare, tender cow). But I find myself reaching more and more for the brown sugar instead of the white, or foregoing it for honey, and passing up the canned vegetables in favor of the frozen (always less-processed) or fresh. (I still, however, cannot pass up a bag of caramel Bugles, possibly the unhealthiest snack food known to modern man, at the stop-n-rob.)

I dunno. I guess I grew up eating natural, and eating local, and maybe I’m working my way back to my roots. Minus the gluten.

Tomorrow night, the Hogs take on Kansas State in the Cotton Bowl. You and y’mama ‘n ’em get ready to call the Hogs; we need to wind up with a win.



One Response to “This gluten-free thing…”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Well, that game stunk for me 😦

    But, congrats to you!

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