Have yourself a merry little Christmas!

December 25, 2011

It’s a quiet Christmas morning at Chez Brockwell, we having returned home after Christmasing in Philadelphia and in Memphis. Lucy is most appreciative we’re home. And it was a most festive Christmas breakfast — NS had leftover pizza, and I had steel-cut oatmeal. Christmas dinner will be lasagna, made with some of the Italian charcuterie I brought home from Philly. The same, in fact, that was dinner for me last night, because I wasn’t up to cooking, nor was I up to eating pizza.

Here would be the centerpiece of our early Christmas celebration:

Amazing Grandchild 1 and her new ride

That is, in fact, Amazing Grandchild 1,  Miss McCallan Hope Ellis, age not-quite-10-months, who has had a most excellent Christmas and has provided hours of entertainment for aunties, uncles and grandparents. And who will be arriving at my house on Tuesday, so y’all may not see a whole lot of posting from me this coming week. Although I will most assuredly be cooking for her mama, who has already placed an order for red beans and rice. And she enjoyed paella enough the last time I did it that I might make that again as well.

I cooked a Christmas dinner of sorts for the fam on Friday evening — didn’t want to get too traditional, as they’ll have two more before they go home. I had a smoked turkey from the PJMP (formerly Petit Jean Farms, now Petit Jean Mountain Pastures, and not, as I’d tried to call them, Petit Jean Mountain Meadows), so that was the centerpiece, and I had to make cranberry salad, because. Well. I just did. I made mac and cheese for NS and Son-In-Law, who fell off his vegan wagon long enough to have a bit of it, black bean and corn salad, and zucchini fritters for Child A, who couldn’t be there because of a migraine, and Child C and the childrens’ godmother and her partner. And a big plate of caprese salads with the Mennonites’ greenhouse tomatos. And lemon icebox pies which nobody ate because we were all full. Not exactly a traditional Christmas dinner, but hey, that’s just fine.

Today, as well as the lasagna, I think I’m going to make up a recipe of Miss Mary Loyd Young’s dinner rolls, part of which will go with dinner and the remainder of which will make cinnamon rolls for tomorrow morning. Then tomorrow, when I can get to the grocery to replace the cream that was soured (thank God for cans of evap milk for morning coffee in a crunch situation!), I’ll make more mac and cheese to replace what I left in Memphis, a move which saddened NS immensely, so I had to promise him more.  I may even make a moussaka this week, as I need to lean toward gluten-free dishes to accommodate Child B.

I also have to go out tomorrow and buy a porta-crib or a real crib to make a spot for Little Bit, which will have even more functionality now that Child C is going to present me with another grandchild sometime this summer. I am convinced this one is a boy, and have preemptorily named him Bubba.

In any event, it is a most enjoyable and bountiful Christmas, and I hope yours and y’mama ‘n ’em’s is just as good!


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