Thinking about holiday goodies

November 30, 2011

Here it is a day before December. I’m not sure where the year went, but that sucker is about 11/12ths gone.

You know what THAT means, don’t you?

About tomorrow, it’ll be Christmas.

I need to get Christmas goodie-making done early this year, being that NS and I are taking off mid-month for a few days in Philly to see his peeps, and then I’m coming back and getting ready to go to Memphis for an early Christmas. And I’m gone this weekend. So that means next weekend has to be goodie-making weekend.

Thinking I may change things about a little this year. I may cut down on the fudge and pralines and other sweets in favor of making a big batch of bacon jam and canning it. Then I can make little homemade savory crackers/biscuits to package up with it. I saved a bunch of recipes for savory crackers out of the newspaper today (I love the fact that now when you save stuff out of the newspaper, you just bookmark it), and I think I’m going to try a few trial runs next week. Then they can go in the freezer, if they’re good enough to give away.

And I don’t eat all the leftovers from the sweet stuff. Because? I have Gotten Too  Damn Fat, to the point of going back up that size I lost a couple of years ago, and That Has To Stop. I ain’t having it. So NS and I went down and signed up at the Y today, and I will get started there this next week. Tired of being an out-of-shape, fat middle-aged broad.

In other news of culinary note: I made soup tonight, Italian sausage and cannelini beans. But I didn’t feel like soup, I decided, as I had had soup for lunch (taco soup from the Cheese Corner, and it was most excellent). I guess I’ll take soup to work tomorrow. Or turkey enchiladas, because we got those left over, too.

I am about to be jonesing for some good braised roast beef. I suspect that will be in the cards one day next week. I have always loved osso bucco — one wonders if one can take the old faithful chuck roast and cook it like it was a veal shank? Am also thinking about meatballs, for some reason. Honestly, I’m thinking about meatballs in some kind of lovely sauce, over orzo. Does that not sound nice? And there’s still red beans and rice lingering out there on the horizon.

I do love fall and winter, for cooking purposes. If I just didn’t have to get out in the damned cold weather.

Anyway, you and y’mama ‘n ’em let me hear your ideas for Christmas goodie-making, given my abbreviated time schedule for same, and we’ll have a significant cooking weekend here in a week or so.



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