Gluttony. Sheer gluttony.

November 25, 2011

Leftovers for lunch. I'm not about to show you yesterday's plate. I'd be embarrassed.

When did we evolve from a feast to show our thankfulness for a bountiful harvest, to cooking massive amounts of food and eating more than we ought to consume in a week?

I dunno, but I’m right in there with the rest of y’all. And I just noticed this Hornsby cider I’m swilling is 160 calories a bottle, and I just finished my third. Sigh. THAT doesn’t help matters.

I have cooked, I have eaten, I have shopped, I have warmed over, I am tired. Fortunately, I still have a normal two-day weekend left. Thank you, Jesus.

The spread. I feel safe in saying no one left hungry.

I was NOT, mind you, one of the thundering herd fighting over towels at WalMart or standing in line at Best Buy. I did not, in fact, get out to shop until about 9 this morning, well after I figured the early birds had headed home for a nap before the ballgame. And in fact, I did rather well; bought some clothes for myself, and got almost all my holiday shopping done.

Speaking of the ballgame….no, let’s don’t. The ballgame sucked. We got thoroughly and severely thumped, and LSU is a better team than Arkansas this year, badly as I hate to admit it.

Nothing really new on my Thanksgiving table. All the old favorites were good. My guests brought the dressing, which was quite excellent; mine is iffy, ranging from “Damn, this is good!” to “WTF IS this stuff?” I had leftovers of dressing, sweet potatos and cranberry salad for lunch, and may, just may, got for a turkey sandwich for dinner. Or I may not. I’m thinking turkey enchiladas tomorrow night.

I take that back. We did discover something new this year. I wanted something for a nosh before dinner, so I went rummaging in the fridge; found some Velveeta and about half an 8-ounce block of cream cheese. Threw those in a saucepan with about 3/4 cup of the chili I made Wednesday evening. Primo queso, I’m telling you. Primo! The kids were entranced.

Note to self: Must get more Velveeta; that was the last of the box. Can’t be without Velveeta in this house.

The liquor-box-brined turkeys were most excellent; perhaps the most moist turkey I’d ever cooked. Worthwhile to buy fresh turkey breast and brine them, I’m saying. I cooked them breast side down, with a half-stick of butter, a handful of fresh sage, and a couple of sprigs of fresh thyme in each. The brine was a recipe from Epicurious, with a cup each of molasses, sugar and kosher salt, some sage and some thyme. Worked. Made for some dark humor as we discussed the relative merits of quadruple amputee turkeys, but, oh, well.

I may branch out some for Thanksgiving next year. I love my classics, but the idea of something new just kinda tugs at me. We shall see.

Meanwhile, cooking will be suspended tomorrow whilst I clean house and organize closets, which have been crying for such work for, well, a good while. And I’m gonna try some of the NYT’s recipes for Thanksgiving leftovers, and try to keep from getting all grumpy over the approach of Christmas.

So you and y’mama ‘n ’em enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend, and we’ll check in when we cook something worthwhile.


One Response to “Gluttony. Sheer gluttony.”

  1. Sharon Says:

    Good looking spread. You get style points.

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