And a good Sunday morning to you!

November 20, 2011

THIS is what will make it a good Sunday morning.

A breakfast that'll stay with you, this one is.

Farm fresh egg, over easy in truffle oil and butter; an everything roll from the Farmers’ Market with homemade fig preserves; venison sausage, country bacon, and cheese grits made with Colby from Honeysuckle Lane cheesemakers.

That’ll tide me through until tonight’s brisket.

There are no photos of last night’s dinner, albeit it was a good one. Had a small dinner party (four of us, plus NS decided he’d have his early, in his room), and I just didn’t see taking photos with a guest present who wasn’t familiar with my food blogging habits.

I had brined a pork loin in a brine that featured sugar and a lot of chili powder and some cumin; it was good, but not so good that I was overwhelmed with the whole brining thing. I’d just as soon do the dry rub thing. We had it with cranberry chutney I’d bought at the Handmade for the Holidays bazaar last weekend, black bean and corn salad into which I’d diced up some of the last of the farmers’ market tomatos, chili-roasted sweet potato wedges, baked beans and arepas.

It was a most interesting party, featuring as it did two spilled glasses of red wine (same glass, in fact), and a massive crash featuring the kitchen island going over on its side and breaking off its leaf, which I have to get a new set of hinges and replace. I had pushed the island back into the kitchen to give us room to pull out the table (which separated where the leaf goes in, causing us to spill the wine…twice), and when I went to push it back, a wheel caught on a market bag, the bottom didn’t move, the top continued to do so, and over she went.

Broke my good wood salad bowl, my two platters I kept produce on, and one of my serving bowls. Amazingly, the food for the most part remained upright and in its dishes, those which did not break. And it certainly was the excitement for the evening, other than the damndest Saturday of college football I believe I’ve ever seen. And AP just tweeted that its poll has LSU No. 1, Bama No. 2, and the Hogs No. 3. I would give a significant chunk of my anatomy to be in Baton Rouge next Friday night…

And a big ol’ shout-out to Baylor, Iowa State and USC for knocking off the three teams that stood between the SEC and supremacy. I do love college football. Almost as much as I love college basketball.

Elsewhere in the weekend universe; made another stop by Burl’s Country Smokehouse yesterday while out on a photo expedition, and picked up more pastrami plus some smoked corned beef. Had some of that and some Swiss and some cranberry chutney on pumpernickel when we got home, and it made a most exceptional sammich.

Later today is brisket, braised with shallots and new potatos; think I’ll cook a carrot or two with that. And lay out some pork, some ground beef and some veal so I can makes me a meat loaf about Monday, because I am about to be jonesing for a meat loaf. The remainder can be meatballs. And sometime over T’giving weekend is going to be cassoulet, because I want to get that duck confit out of the fridge.

Time to get to brisket-ing. I’ll see you and y’mama ‘n ’em later on.


One Response to “And a good Sunday morning to you!”

  1. Len Cleavelin Says:

    …to give us room to pull out the table (which separated where the leaf goes in, causing us to spill the wine…twice)…

    Credit where credit is due. The first time I set the wine on the gap where the table had separated, causing that spill, so it’s significantly my fault. The second…. ok. You can take credit for that if you want. 😉

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