Let me entertain you…

November 19, 2011

The centerpiece of a holiday open house -- turkey sandwiches!

…And we’ll have a real good menu, yes sir (with apologies to Gypsy Rose Lee).

{Note: I started this post Tuesday. I figured I’d finish it up before I dived off into this weekend’s meals.}

Or at least we will if we do our entertainment shopping at the Culinary District, my most favorite store in which to shop in all of Hot Springs, Arkansas (closely followed by the Old Country Store, which has all the bulk flours, grains, legumes, and spices and other organic stuff; do we see a pattern here??), where they had their annual Christmas Open House last Sunday.

Oh. My. I did not want dinner, though I cooked it, I think.

The cool thing about almost all the dishes served was that they were much more assembly than cooking; the components for same, of course, being available at your very own local gourmet kitchen store, at least if you’re in the Spa City.

(Disclaimer: The Culinary District does not sponsor this blog, nor did they sponsor this post, nor do I get points or store credit or free stuff for writing nice things about them. I just love the place, as noted in previous posts. )

Anyway. They had a delightful array of appetizers that resulted in me being plenty full, and wishing I had gotten there in time to get pics before the hordes descended. They served a huge number of folks, and made, I sincerely hope, a commensurate number of sales.

Without further ado, let’s get started on the tour.

 This is Jim. He runs the CD’s coffee bar/cafe. He was refilling a huge honkin’ cheese platter that had been decimated in under an hour.

This guy was slicing raw veggies on a mandoline, and serving them as a crudite.

These were bites of bread pudding with some kind of fruit sauce, I disremember what, on them.

A soft brie-ish cheese topped with pepper jelly, served alongside some Mexican pickled veggies. Lots of chile powder in the veggies; interesting flavor profile, but very good.

Cheese curds, both rolled in a spicy paprika-cayenne mix and plain.

Cooking, Medjool dates stuffed with Amish blue cheese, wrapped in applewood smoked bacon. On the platter, crepes filled with apricot creme fraiche, topped with proscuitto.

Lots of other lovelies, including a delightful punch that featured a raspberry syrup in ginger ale; a bottle of that syrup came home with me and I can testify it makes a most delightful raspberry martini.

Having the Culinary District here in Hot Springs is one of the things I’m thankful for this season. You and y’mama ‘n ’em need to come shop there and enjoy some of Jim’s soup and quiche and such.


One Response to “Let me entertain you…”

  1. RMJ Says:

    Gotta figure out why your emails are going into my spam email account. I cannot be having this. I almost missed this glorious post. We must go to the Culinary District the next time I am in Hot Springs. Please……

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