Hello? Anyone home?

November 7, 2011

The Sunday loaf LAST week was butternut squash rye bread. If you're interested, let me know and I'll run the recipe next post.

Oh. I’m home. For a change.

Friends, it has either been a hellacious 10 days since I last visited with you and y’mama ‘n ’em, or I’m getting older and can’t keep up the pace.

Hush. I didn’t need to hear comments from the peanut gallery.

In any event, it has been busy, I have been gone, I’ve cooked little if any of what I contemplated, and maybe someday I can cook again, if I can stay home and unexhausted long enough.

Went to Memphis this past weekend for a funeral (mother of a dear friend), and from there to Paragould to spend the night with a too-long-neglected friend, where we drank entirely too much vino and ate lots of cheese and proscuitto and salami and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves while we watched the Hogs beat SC.

And, as an aside, did we Arkansawyers get thoroughly screwed by the BCS this week, or what? Beat the No. 9 team and drop a spot? I don’t THINK so. The BCS is obviously run by men. Women would get that shit straightened out. I’m just sayin’.

In any event. The wine and cheese and charcuterie (is that not a fine word?) were excellent, but not nearly so much so as the conversation and the ballgame. Oh, and an aside. Has anyone had an occasion in which ricotta salata, initially unwrapped, was at one level of saltiness, and later, after having reposed for several days in a baggie in the fridge, reached a whole ‘nother Zip Code of saltiness? I like me some ricotta salata. But this stuff is Just Too Salty.

We ate less than half the cheese I bought, a testimony to the cheese rampage on which I went at Whole Foods recently. There is much more cheese to be consumed, something I hope to remedy this weekend and next.

The trip also brought a most exceptional lunch, at the Trolley Stop Market in what used to be an iffy area that is now gentrifying, betwixt Downtown Memphis and the Medical Center. They have a selection of sandwiches, wraps and salads and such, meat-and-two on the weekdays, a coffee bar, a bar bar, and a sizeable selection of local artisans’ wares. The front also has a small market section where they sell locally-grown stuff, selection a bit light this weekend due to the season. And the sandwich place shares quarters and perhaps a kitchen with a pizza joint, buy it by the slice out of the case out front or have ’em cook you one to order.

I opted for a BLT with spicy pimiento cheese. I loves me a BLT. I loves me some pimiento cheese, in which some cayenne does not go amiss. It never occurred to me to marry the two. Unless I miss my guess, this pimiento cheese had some chipotle in it, and I am here to tell you, it was a true love match betwixt it and that BLT. Decidedly Sweet Baby Jesus territory. As was my lunch companion’s BLT with avocado, and a perfectly ripe avocado at that (we split and swapped halves).

I’ll be back.

I revisited another Memphis favorite, Fino’s, an Italian deli and market, for some charcuterie to go with the cooler of cheese I’d hauled from the Spa City. I settled on salami made with wine, which was excellent, and proscuitto. I opted for the imported stuff, which is pricier than the domestic stuff, but hey, it’s proscuitto, and you’re not going to eat that much of it because it is rich-rich-rich essence of pig and you don’t want to screw that up by ordering it made by a bunch of Americans imitating Italians when you can get the Real Deal.

I did not regret it. I have a tad bit left, which I expect will go with the tomatos I’m caramelizing on the pizza dough later this week. If I can get over being exhausted long enough to make pizza dough. Just got to pick what cheese to put with it.

Tonight we had chicken pot pie, which I had put together late last week and did not cook because my down the hill neighbor came up with barbecued chicken, and who am I to look a gift chicken in the beak? Its leftovers will go to work tomorrow with me. So I popped that baby into the oven and dinner was quick and easy. Tomorrow night, I think, is going to be lentil soup with some of that salami, some tomatos and some ditalini. And maybe a fried bologna sammich, with farm-made organic bologna. It does not look like Oscar Mayer, I can tell ya that.

And I seriously want to make some zucchini bread, if I could get unexhausted enough to do it. Maybe tomorrow…

Meanwhile, you and y’mama ‘n ’em keep it between the ditches. I’m gonna go read.


2 Responses to “Hello? Anyone home?”

  1. Len Cleavelin Says:

    Re: Trolley Stop Market: I’ve been meaning to go there for some time (since it’s almost within walking distance of my apartment… well, actually within walking distance if I weren’t so lazy 😉 ). My Sources say that the Locavore Breakfast Plate is quite good. I really wish they were open earlier (like, say, 6 or 6:30 vice 8:00 AM because they’d make a helluva nice breakfast before work on a day that I was disposed to have breakfast before work)

    Re: Fino’s: don’t know if you noticed but the place is under New Management now. Was too lazy to fix anything for dinner last Friday, so I grabbed the $25 gift certificate for there I won at the Wolfsburg Automotive customer appreciation shindig and started cashing it in. The sandwiches are still up to snuff, so I’ll assume the pasta and pizza is too (until I have evidence to the contrary. I kinda thought the grocery was a bit spare, though (like they might be selling off the inventory and planning to expand the dining area and get out of the grocery end of the business. That’d be a pity, since I’m not sure who else could handle the specialty Italian grocery trade in Memphis.

  2. kayatthekeyboard Says:

    I was impressed with TSM. Highly recommend the BLT with spicy pimiento cheese. Pizza looked good. I wanted a shrimp wrap, but they were out of shrimp. Did not pay attention to the new mgmt thing at Finos, but I did note fairly sparse grocery shelves. I suspect Lucchese’s, out behind White Station Tower (around the corner from Pei Wei in a strip center) will become the go-to for specialty Italian.

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