Sports trump food

October 29, 2011

Well, a view like this will make up for a few forgettable meals.

Well, at least this week. It’s been a major sports week, along with being a travel week, so I have not cooked, nor have I eaten but ONE good meal (more to come on that one).

I got up this morning at oh-early-thirty (actually, 4 a.m., which is 3 Central, if you’re counting) to catch a 6:15 a.m. flight out of Miami. It was 82, and about 193 percent humidity. Also, the nightclub in the hotel was hoppin’.

I got to Charlotte at 8 a.m., and it was 40. And I had on a T-shirt and leggings. And I quickly bought myself a hoodie sweatshirt so I would not freeze. Because even though the Cards finished off a most improbable September and October with a World Series Championship (Yeah, Cards!) last night, that only serves to keep me warm for so long, and by 8 a.m. in Charlotte where it was 40 degrees, that had Worn Off.

How ’bout those Cards, though? You watch film of Game 6, and then you watch the replay of today’s Hogs game, and you will Believe in the presence of God, I am telling you. Because divine intervention is the only excuse for the Cards’ 11th World Series ring and the Hogs’ squeaker victory over Vandy today. Thank the Sweet Baby Jesus for both of ’em.

But I digress.

I have been in Miami, as aforementioned. I have had dinner twice at Cuban joints. One, Puerto Sagua, or something like that, was pretty doggoned good. The other, Latin Cafe, was, well, not so good. It may have been because I tried bacalao, the Cuban version of bouilliabaise (which I think I just misspelled) that’s made with salt cod. Emphasis on SALT cod. I’ve never cooked with it, never eaten it before, but Cuban recipes emphasize soaking it with several changes of water to soak out the salt.

I don’t think these folks did that.

Plantains were good, though.

Had Ropa Vieja at the other Cuban place. It was good. Dining companion had lechon asado. It was outstanding. As were the plantains there. I do love me a plantain.

Then I stopped by the Whole Foods on the way back through Little Rock and stocked up on a bajillion different kinds of cheese. Well, six or eight different kinds of cheese, most of ’em out of the sampler basket. And got some yogurt I’m going to strain and make cheese, and some goat’s milk I’m going to make cheese with, and some organic whole milk I’m going to try making cheese with. I feel a calzone coming on later this week.

Meanwhile: I have had frozen gnocchi, resurrected, boiled, sauteed in butter, with butternut squash sauce for dinner. I cannot complain.

Well, I could, but no one would listen.

Tomorrow, it’s butternut squash bread, along with, well, something still to be decided. Pate Compagne later on this week. And smoked bologna and bratwurst. You and y’mama ‘n ’em with me? Come on over and celebrate fall.

Also swung by the office and picked up my order of charcuterie from the buyers’ coop — organic bratwurst and bologna, made on a farm about 50 miles from here. And some farm-made white cheddar, too. I am feeling the need for a pate de campagne coming on later this week, and I’m thinking Friday night’s dinner may be pate, smoked sausages and cheese. Not that there’s anything wrong with THAT. No, indeed.


One Response to “Sports trump food”

  1. Len Cleavelin Says:

    Because divine intervention is the only excuse for the Cards’ 11th World Series ring…

    So “Don” Tony La Russa is God? Somehow I don’t think TLR will argue with you. 😉

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