Because sometimes, you need comfort

October 3, 2011

Old-fashioned comfort food, yes indeed.

And nothing says comfort food like white beans and cornbread.

I’d put white beans on to soak last night. Forgot to put ’em in the crock-pot this morning, so I came home, drained them, put them on with a nice handful of diced ham and a little seasoned salt, and cooked them for about an hour and 15 minutes. Diced up a sweet potato, fried it and sprinkled with barbecue seasoning. Pan-fried some cornbread. Called it dinner.

And am in a pissy mood, complete with allergies and stuff, and not in the notion to blog. So you and y’mama ‘n ’em have a nice evening.


One Response to “Because sometimes, you need comfort”

  1. Whitney Reynolds Says:

    Feelin kinda pissy myself, hubby on fishin trip. Although he’ll prob be home tomorrow, said he’s never missed me this bad before (just left this morning). HE’S A WONDERFUL HUSBAND

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