Zippppp! There it went!

September 29, 2011

Dinner for the kid.


Dinner for me.

The week, I mean. I really think it was yesterday it was Sunday and I was baking Reubens, and here it is Thursday and I’m packing to leave for a weekend work gig in Dallas.

I do remember dinner on Tuesday. It was at Fusion, the best restaurant in Hot Springs and arguably in Arkansas, and it was ahi tuna, which is always, always excellent. And duck egg rolls. And a glass of Taylor Fladgate 20-year-old tawny port for dessert. And it was excellent.

Oh. I remember dinner Monday night, too. It was meat loaf, mac and cheese, purple hulled peas with tomato relish, and carrots. It was good too. It was not overly photogenic, so I didn’t photograph it.

Last night was bacon and cheese fries, with green onion, at the Ohio Club while I was working the door at the blues jam, and it weren’t no slouch, either, to quote Huck Finn. Crispy, skin-on, shoestring fries, piled up on a plate, topped with grated cheese and bacon bits, and run under the broiler just enough to melt the cheese. Served with, what else, the ubiquitous ranch dressing. And chopped green onions sprinkled on top. Can’t complain, except that it was likely about 900 calories.

And all my clothes are tight.

Tonight, I made chicken enchiladas, because I had chicken picked off the chicken thighs I’d roasted Sunday. But I wasn’t in the enchilada mood, so I had leftover meat loaf and a sauteed diced-up sweet potato, glazed in honey chipotle butter. And that weren’t no slouch, either.

Tomorrow, though….tomorrow promises to be exceptional. I’m bound for Dallas, which, although I still don’t care much for it, I have had to admit is not the culinary wasteland I once thought it. We are going to Al Biernat’s, which is allegedly one of the better steakhouses in Dallas, where they at least ought to know from steak. I perused the menu, here, earlier today, and have changed my mind about a dozen times so far on what I’m going to order.

Then Saturday, it’s on to Cowboys Stadium with a bunch of my Arkie peers to entertain a bunch of site consultants. We will dine well at the stadium. The menu in the suite, and I quote:

  • Colossal Shrimp Display, Artisan Cheese Board, Fresh Seasonal Fruit & Berries, French Onion Dip, BLT Dip, and Guacamole Dip, Rustic New Potato Salad, Petite Deli Rollwiches, Meatloaf Sliders with Bacon Cheddar Aioli, Nathan’s Kosher Hot Dogs, All Meat Pizza, Texas Caesar Salad with Jalapeno Dressing, Cowboys Crispy Chicken, Truffled Mac & Cheese Bar, Cowboys Buffalo Wings, Jalapeno Cheddar Poppers, Cowboys Party Mix, Chocoholic Dessert Sampler, Scratch Baked Cookies, Cashews and Buttered Popcorn.”

Artisan cheese? Meatloaf sliders with bacon cheddar aioli? Truffled mac and cheese bar? Is there any more proof necessary that Dallas and nouveau riche are synonymous? I have to say I’m just curious as hell about Cowboy Stadium and how many carats I’ll see between the elevator and the suite. Will update y’all on the truffled mac and cheese bar, too.

Petrossian caviar? Traditional service? Seriously? Get thee behind me, Satan. Or, more to the point, get thee behind my expense account.

Oh, and while I’m in Dallas, I WILL be going to Cafe Brazil and picking up about five pounds of coffee. One to take to Arizona as a hostess gift, one to give to a buddy for Christmas (you know who you are!) and the other three for MOI.

And I’m home early enough Sunday to relax and enjoy a little bit of my weekend on the lake.

You and y’mama play nice while I’m gone.


2 Responses to “Zippppp! There it went!”

  1. Whitney Reynolds Says:

    We have something new, called Fusion Asian Buffet, but its the same folks that own Dragon China…(and my Dad would KILL to go to Cowboy Stadium!)

  2. Len Cleavelin Says:

    Oh, and while I’m in Dallas, I WILL be going to Cafe Brazil and picking up about five pounds of coffee. One to take to Arizona as a hostess gift, one to give to a buddy for Christmas (you know who you are!) and the other three for MOI.

    As long as you see fit to brew some of it up when I visit next, I’ll be happy. 🙂

    As for the steakhouse… I would think that they know their cows (both live and slabs of dead) in Dallas.

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