You CAN TOO come home again!

September 4, 2011

And that is, thank you Sweet Baby Jesus, exactly what I’ve finally done after a horrendous August road warrior schedule. I have, in fact, cancelled a planned week-after-next business trip, and I am HERE for the next eight blessed weeks, and damn well happy about it, thank you very much!

And I am cooking. Today we are going to have chipotle garlic grilled flank steak, potato skins, and barley-stuffed zucchini (the recipe was for barley stuffed peppers but I don’t like peppers so I’m stuffing zucchini. Deal with it). But I thought I’d catch you up with a little travel, a little dining, and so on and such forth.

Crappy cell phone photo does not do Cupboard lunch justice. Trust me.

You can also go home again when it comes to food, witness my stops en route home from the wilds of North Georgia (pretty country!) in Memphis at BOTH the Cupboard and Cozy Corner.

I love the Cupboard. I loved it when it was in the bottom of the Kenilworth apartment building and had NO parking and you had to park at the frame shop and the guy yelled at you. I loved it when I was working at the Commercial Appeal more than 30 years ago and used to go down there and pick up 12 or 15 carryouts for the newsroom and Mr. Cavallo would call a busboy to help me take them to the car. I never look at a menu except to see whether it’s purple-hulled peas or crowders or black-eyed (if you just order peas you may get green, which is not what I want). My order rarely changes: eggplant casserole, corn pudding cucumber salad and peas, as above. With all cornbread, no rolls, not that they don’t make good rolls, but their little tiny two-bite cornbread muffins are the kind of cornbread that one bite takes me back to being a kid and eating grandmama’s corn sticks (we didn’t have the little tiny muffin pans, but the corn sticks had about the same crust-to-inside ratio).

God, I love it. It never changes. I was scared to death when it moved from the Kenilworth down the street to th bigger spot that was an old Shoney’s, but they brought all the good flavor with them (can’t, unfortunately, say the same for when they moved to West Memphis, which is why that one turned into a bar and grill).

It’s not a cheap lunch, for a meat-and-three place. A four-veggie plate with tea will run you 10 bucks. But it’s worth it.

I’m amazed I could think of food, but my route home took me down North Parkway and I caught a whiff of Cozy Corner (corner N. Parkway and Danny Thomas, in the ‘hood) and turned in without even thinking. I don’t know how long it’d been since I’d had a barbecued Cornish hen. I bought two — NS was underwhelmed, but, well, he’s a Yankee — and brought ’em home. Luscious little smoky, spicy birdies, and they traveled well, too.

Topic change. View from the porch at Lake Rabun, GA.

North Georgia. North Georgia is pretty, and they fed us well. It was  a think-tank style conference with buffet lunches, small enough that they were catered in someone’s lake house, and a really good mix of nouvelle cuisine and good ol’ home cooking. Up to and including some of the best creamed corn I ever ate three servings of. Everyone laughed at me. I did not care.

Her KayKay's child: "Whatchoo want? I'm reading!"

Oh, and last but assuredly not least, I got to spend some time with my precious grandchild, who is now six months old (where did THAT time go?). She’s — well, she’s just beyone my ability with words to describe, that’s all!

So I’ll be back to you and y’mama ‘n ’em later this evening, maybe, with a report on dinner. Glad to be home!


2 Responses to “You CAN TOO come home again!”

  1. Sharon Says:

    You were as close as the Cupboard! I agree about the cornbread and corn pudding. Do not get that close to my house again without giving me a chance to join you at the Cupboard – you are my only friend who loves it like I do.
    And the Cozy Corner cornish hens are a wonder. Who would think something as “fancy” as a Cornish hen could come out of that joint?
    That child sitting upright is your grandchild that was born about 30 minutes ago by me recollection?

  2. kayatthekeyboard Says:

    Sharon, mea culpa. It was 1:30, I was road-weary, and I had about 30 minutes. Next time, I promise! And yes, that is said grandchild. Obviously I killed a few too many brain cells at some point and entered a time warp.

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