July 18, 2011

In Tampa, where it is approximately 10 degrees cooler than in Hot Springs. Only moderately execrable airport food (in Birmingham) for lunch, and a reasonably decent Cuban sandwich at the hotel for dinner. Oh, and Sam Adams cherry wheat beer is not half bad, for a novelty; I can only imagine several of them would provide the hangover from hell, which is why I stopped with one.

Tomorrow: Florida Aquarium, a little beach and/or pool time, and dinner with our friends who live down here, before I dive into this class Wednesday. Going to set NS up to go deep-sea fishing and hope he doesn’t fall overboard or get seasick.

Will report back as I get a chance. Meanwhile, any of my readers in Crittenden County, keep me posted on my friend Melton Holt, who apparently had  a bad motorcycle accident yesterday.

And you and y’mama ‘n ’em have a good evening.



3 Responses to “Check-in”

  1. Rhydonia Says:

    I googled to find out info about my cousin Melton’s motorcycle accident. Yours is the only finding I’m getting so far. I also hope he’s doing ok. But no info at this time. Rhydonia Holt Anderson

  2. renee imai Says:

    I am Melton’s neice out in Ca. Heather is updated me. She actually was just a few hours shy of boarding a plane to visit us. Melton has a broken pellvis,ribs, as well as lower back. His has intubated due to shallow breathing which can be common with broken ribs. The internal bleeding is under controll but the trauma may have caused him to need temp. dialysis. His heart has been irrregular and went into a-fib once, but that is under control. Keep praying.

    Renee Houchin Imai

  3. kayatthekeyboard Says:

    Thanks, ladies, for letting me know. Will be thinking positive thoughts and saying a prayer.

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