To market, to market!

May 28, 2011

And a happy Farmers’ Market day it is!

My favorite market stall; the Vietnamese family with the wonderful sugar snap peas!

Because I have PJF steaks, and ground beef, and fresh peas, and lettuce, and green beans, and four pounds of tomatos, and fresh corn, and chipotle honey butter, and a pint of plain honey, and fresh eggs, and yeast rolls,  and new potatos, and life is GOOD!


Nothing like making a new friend on a Saturday morning!

And Lucy made a friend. This is Franklin. He’s four months old, and if it weren’t for the size and sex difference, they could be twins.

Broke one of my yolks, so the eggs weren't as runny as I like them. But good.

And this was breakfast when we got home. Duck bacon, fresh eggs, yeast rolls, fig jam. That’s a breakfast that can see ya through. I was planning on BLTs for lunch with some of the PJF bacon, but I am NOT EVEN hungry, and we’re going to have surf and turf tonight. With PJF ribeyes and lobster tails. And new potatos in a truffle balsamic butter sauce. And strawberries and pound cake. I am also smoking duck breasts and making bacon jam and homemade bread today; I’d thought about going ahead and confiting the duck legs, but I suspect I’ll run out of time before that takes place. So I guess that’s tomorrow.

Let me say a word or three about that honey chipotle butter. Actually, three words: Sweet Baby Jesus. I bought a half-pint of it for six bucks, and it was well worth it (though I may try making my own next time). According to the label the guy sticks on it, it’s honey, butter (gee! ya think?), chipotles in adobo, cinnamon and vanilla. I cannot wait to grill a pork chop and glaze it with this. It’s pretty decent on a pretzel stick, too. Essentially, it’d be good in any application in which you’d use honey.

The market had all sorts of artisan-made products this week. There were the usual breads and pastries, along with the gourmet tamales (I did not check to see what varieties they had this time, since I was planning on coming home and cooking breakfast) and the folks with the yeast rolls and foccacia bread, who were new. Lots of herbs, and, well, just lots of everything! I do love me a farmers’ market, although it irritates the hell out of me that apparently no one around here grows asparagus. I think I’m going to set out some in a couple of raised beds and nurse it along for a couple of years, and commence to sell it myownself.

Speaking of which — I have learned of the coolest thing in the world for a raised bed. A little kid wading pool! They’re the right depth, and you can get about whatever size you want. It’d probably take you a good four 50-pound bags of topsoil to fill it up, but the idea just intrigues me and I think I’m going to do it next year. Particularly since no one local seems to sell asparagus; I’ll just raise my own.

Bacon jam. You will recall I made same, before. My friend Len, who is visiting this weekend, loves the stuff, and is out of what I made for him back around Christmas. So I figured I’d make some more, a project made much more affordable by the fact Wright Packing Co., which makes one of my favored brands of bacon, also sells a three-pound box of ends and pieces for $5.99. Given that they sell three pounds of slab bacon for $16, that ain’t no bad deal, particularly when you’re going to chop it all up and brown it anyway. So it’s simmering on the stove, which it will need to do for a couple of hours, and then it’ll cool for a couple of hours before it goes into the FoPro to get pureed.

Sure did put a dent in my Elijah Craig bourbon, though. Sigh.

In any event. It’s a busy, fun day, and tomorrow and Monday will be just as tasty. You and y’mama ‘n ’em drop on by and have a bite or two.


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