Holiday weekend, day one, down

May 28, 2011

Ohhhhhh, God. Just kill me now.

I'm pretty sure this was either illegal or immoral.

Surf and turf, balsamic truffle cream potatos, caprese salads, pound cake with strawberries and creme fraiche. Sweet Baby Jesus. I think I may explode.

If your dessert was better than mine, I don't want to know about it.

I also have smoked duck breasts in the fridge. The confit will go in the oven when I go to bed tonight, to cook very low all night and then into the fridge. 

The truffle balsamic potatos were something I thought ought to work, and did. I picked up a bottle of truffle balsamic cream at the Culinary District the other day. Forgot about it, but tried it out last night with roast beef; it was good. So today, I was casting about for what to do with the new potatos I’d bought at the market today; the answer was to half them, boil them, drain them, and toss them in a half-stick of butter, a tablespoon of said cream, and about a half-cup of real cream. They were pretty marvelous.

You can buy TB cream at Worlds Foods. It’s $6.50 plus whatever they hold you up for to order it. I think I paid $8 and change for mine, which is likely a better deal than shipping would be. It’s nice on caprese salads — but go lightly, it’s strong. And excellent on beef.

The pound cake was something I was trying to remember from ages past. It starts with a yellow cake mix and adds eggs, more sugar, butter or oil. I added six eggs, a cup of turbinado sugar, and a stick of melted butter; then, for good measure, I threw in a little vegetable oil. It was too thick, so I added some heavy cream. I’d have done better to have left out the oil. But it has a marvelous flavor, with the turbinado giving it a hint of something…different.

Lucy, who has been to the groomer today to get all “did up” for the holiday, got steak scraps. She’s a happy camper. The grill continues to perform nicely.

Still to do tonight — put the confit in, put rub on the pork loin and stick it in plastic wrap in the fridge. I think that’s all. I’m about to do the third load of dishes for the evening, too.

After while. Because right now, I’m tired. I’m bidding you and y’mama ‘n ’em an early night, while I rest up enough to do what I have to do and get in bed.


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